Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baseball Stole My Children

Baseball stole my children.

I have two boys. When they were little they were super duper snugglers. 

They looooooved their mommy. I was their world. 

They always chose me over the Prince. It mad him sad sometimes. 

They would hold my hand in public and shower me with kisses. 

When they drew pictures in school, they would give them to me. 

They would fight over who got to sit in my lap.

When they fell down and got a boo boo, they would run past their father and come to me for magic kisses. 

When something awesome happened during their day, they would rush home to tell me all about it. 

It was a glorious time. 

The princess was very happy.

Then one day.....the winds shifted and I sensed a change.

They stepped on a baseball diamond. 

They have abandoned me for sweat, dirt, aluminum bats, gatorade, and eye black. 

They have forsaken me for double plays, homeruns, and boiled peanuts. 

Oh yes, I go to every practice and game. But their daddy coaches them. I am out of the loop. 

I sit in the stands and arrange snack schedules, collect money for trophies, plan the end of the season party. 

I stand on the field in danger of foul balls and take a zillion pictures. 

I lather their new gloves in oil and beat them with a hammer. 

I run drills with them in the backyard when the Prince is out of town....none of those things matter to them. 

As much as I love to watch my boys play baseball, it also breaks my heart.

And just when I think my poor heart can’t bear any more husband takes them dove hunting.


Sabrina said...

Someday, after they have led their team to a World Series win, they will turn to the camera, wave and yell, "Hi MOM!!" and all will be right with your world...while the prince is left to scratch his head and say, "What the heck...?!"

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

That almost made me DID make me cry. :)

Jackie Ellison said...

yep.. the shout outs will always go to mom!! "i'd like to give a shout out to my mom and big ups to god"

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

ughhhhhhhh that was so sweet...

You'll get them back.. because my husband always says.. no one loves their momma like boys..

and then i'm always like.. whaaaa? we only have girls dipshit.

Proud Nana said...

Maybe it would help if you had a girl to shop with while the boys dove hunt.

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

Nana....we've already had this discussion........

Proud Nana said...

I couldn't resist! I have a better idea - go hunting with them. I know what a good shooter you are. Can you imagine how excited the boys would be to see you shoot?! Don't worry about not having the right outfit - the birds and animals don't care. I absolutely love your writing! Almost made me cry. By the way, how did you know it was me?

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

I smelled your perfume....

WundaWoman said...

Ok, PoS...I'm so feeling your sorrows on this one. Not only have I run the baseball drills, but I've also played QB & WR when asked. :) BUT...I had a glimpse of hope just the other day that I will share with you. I was standing on the sidelines as "photographer mom" at my oldest son's high school varsity football game during team warm ups. My oldest baby boy was coming off the field to go back to the locker room...and he looked at me and gave me a big smile through his helmet facemask (even showed the pretty white teeth that I paid $5k for...similar to that of an orbitz gum commercial). Ohhhh, my heart just filled with love. I knew that any physical contact (hug, high five, or even fist bump) was out of the question...BUT, the smile worked, and said so much to me. Even if the snuggly days are long gone, he still loves his mom...*tear in left eye...* :)

Evonne said...

That is sad. I'm starting to lose my kids to soccer balls, shin guards, and mus puddles (cuz you know it always rains cats and dogs for fall soccer season - every week!).

Don't worry, those days will be back. Maybe not all the snuggles, but boys always love their moms!

Cluttered Brain said...

Oh No! You might have lost them forever with the dove hunting. Boys will be boys, what can I say?
You have no girls? hmm. That's all I got to be blessed with. 3 girls.:)