Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving from Hell's my Prince's most favorite day of the year. For those of you who haven't seen his picture before.....he's a big 'ol boy. To have a day devoted to eating a home cooked feast followed by napping in front of the big screen TV with his beloved Cowboys...well, let's just say there is nothing that makes his heart happier.

I've said for years that he married me for my mom's cooking. She was friends with Paula Deen in high school. Their recipes are eerily the same. It must be a south Georgia thing. Everything at our family Thanksgiving meal is made from scratch. I swear alarms would go off and armed guards would intercept us if we tried to get through my mom's front door with Stove Top stuffing.

A couple of years ago, disaster happened...

The Prince had a tooth that had been giving him trouble. He went to the dentist and was told that he needed a root canal immediately. Of course, being an idiot a man, he told the dentist he didn't have time to do it then. He had an important appointment out of town for work, so it would have to wait a few days. He left to go out of town and was supposed to be gone a couple of days. Less than 24 hours later, he called me and told me he was driving back in town and heading straight for the dentist chair. It must have been super bad, because my prince has an amazing tolerance for pain. Either that or he's a masochist.

Everything was fine after the root canal. And by "fine" I mean his mouth was stuffed full of cotton and he was as looney as a dodo bird from the good drugs....until he woke up on Thanksgiving morning.

*insert giant frowny face here*

While the rest of us packed up the suburban with our casserole dishes and a change of pants with extra stretchy waistbands for after dinner, the prince was driving his own truck to meet our dentist at his office.  God bless my sweet dentist who has kept my teeth happy since I was in the 2nd grade. Now I know why he's still my dentist. He spent several hours working on my hard headed (yet extremely lovable) prince's mouth. When he finally arrived at my mom's house, he headed straight for the get a glass of water so he could take a pain pill. Poor baby did not get to eat one single morsel of food all day long.....on his most favorite holiday of the year. It was a real Greek tragedy.

So as you get ready to stuff your faces with sweet potato casserole spend the holiday with your loved ones....remember those who are less fortunate....those who have to smell the wonderful aromas of their mother-in-law's cooking, but cannot eat a bite.

Happy Turkey Day to all you big turkeys!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another shortie but sweetie...well, maybe not so sweet...

Interesting fact:

Running late to school significantly decreases the amount of traffic. (win)

It also makes you want to ram your suburban through the back end of the car that pulls out in front of you illegally. (lose)

As well as the moron who doesn't understand the concept of who's turn it really is at a four way stop. (lose...and it's overwhelmingly surprising how many people don't get it.)

It also makes you run the risk of showing up after the bell.....which would mean you have to walk your kids in to school and sign them in....perhaps in your pajamas. ( an epic manner...humiliation for your kids)

via Google Images

So if you see me out and about today...make sure I've had a couple (or 12) diet cokes. I got off on the wrong foot this morning. Consider yourself warned...