Monday, April 30, 2012

Don't call it a's a grand re-entrance.

What kind of idiot tries to make a blogging comeback on a Friday?!? The day that nooooobody reads blogs...

Brains aren't really a requirement when you're a princess.


Anyabsence...many have been asking where I've been and what I've been up to.

I've been traveling the tri-city world, bumping into celebrities and making them feel awkward while my prince takes a picture having dinner with dignitaries, eating exercising, goofing off on Facebook writing my memoir. 

No celebrity was harmed much in this photo. And for you young kids who don't recognize him, ask your parents about Bill Murray. He was not THRILLED but tolerated us to take this photo.

I know all three of you are excited about my major comeback. Feel free to tell your readers alert the press. I'm sure they'll want to put me on the list with all the other notable comebackers like Michael Jordan, Brett Farve, LL Cool J, Steven Tyler, Betty White, Jesus Christ....


Friday, April 27, 2012 anybody in here?

I totally almost wrote a blog post the other day. But then I quickly dismissed it. I mean, after all this time, are any of my peeps still here? Is there anyone left to read this?

*silent pause*

*microphone screeches feedback*

*audience covers their ears*

(and by "audience" I clearly mean "dust bunnies")

And of course now I'm trying to picture how a dust bunny would be able to cover their ears. I'm assuming dust bunnies would have big, long ears like regular bunnies. Do dust bunnies have arms and hands? How will they cover up those gianormous ears? I'm not real sure about their anatomical features since I am a princess and spend very little time with dust bunnies. I have people for that you know.

Perhaps I should just stop right here since I am probably just talking to myself again at this point.

If you're here, I welcome your comment.

Even if it's an ugly comment.

I'm that desperate curious.

*wails, sobs, then silently cries herself to sleep*

^^End Scene^^

*Squints with one eye to see if anyone bought the act*

But seriously...leave a comment.