Friday, March 18, 2011

Bucket Lists and Idiots

A few days ago:

Me: Should I try to get us a field for baseball practice on Saturday afternoon since our last two got rained out?

Prince: We can't do it Saturday afternoon. I'm pulling a jet.

Me: Huh?

Prince: I'm pulling a jet.

Me: *puzzled look on my face*

Prince: I'm going to be part of a team that pulls a Southwest jet on their inaugural flight into *town we live near* Each county has put together a team and I was asked to be on our county's team.

Me: You're stupid. You are not actually doing that.

Prince: Yes, I am.

Me: No, you're not.

Prince: Why do you think I went and got the cortisone shot and the fluid drained off my knee that already needs surgery?

Me: That's EXACTLY why you shouldn't PULL A JET!!!

Prince: But how many chances do you have to do something like this? I'll get to check something off my bucket list.

Me: You had no idea this was even a bucket list option!

Prince: I'm doing it.

Me: You're stupid.

Heir to the throne: Mommy, you're not supposed to call people stupid.

Me: You can if it's true, son.

First Southwest flight to land *here*

Here comes the 83,000 lb plane!

The "A" Team...otherwise known as the Band of Idiots...getting set to pull the 737.

They won the first round! On to the second...

A local 1-AA College Offensive and Defensive Line getting ready to pull.
Against NCAA regulations? ( wasn't!)

Pull #2 for the "A" Team

That's the Prince in the front with the black hat.

Even with my baby as the anchor, they just couldn't beat the young guns.

But a second place trophy isn't too shabby for a bunch of geezers!

And for your viewing pleasure.......

And yes, they almost ran into the crowd and through the fence. I guess once they got the locomotive started, it was just too hard to stop it.

So here we have it....marked off the bucket list. Now I have to go call our insurance company and see if "Stupidity" is a covered diagnosis.