Thursday, December 16, 2010

Really Rad Reindeer Cookies

I'm that mom. You know the one....

Chief calls me a one upper. But honestly, I don't try to be. I'm just naturally that awesome.

My youngest son had his Christmas party at school today. I love to show off cook. I especially love to make treats for the boys class parties.

Here's what I made for today.

Now granted, I took the easier way out and used a gingerbread cookie mix. 

*insert Martha Stewart rolling over in her million dollar kitchen* 

I'm so super busy running around in circles getting nothing accomplished that I had to cut corners a bit. But they turned out delish and they were a hit with the kiddos!

Take the prepared gingerbread cookie dough (feel free to try these with sugar cookies if you prefer) and roll them into 1" balls. 

Place them on an ungreased cookie sheet. 

Flatten them into a circle using the bottom of a glass. 

Pinch the sides to make the face shape. 

Place broken pretzels in the top for antlers. 

Bake cookies according to directions. 

Immediately upon taking them out of the oven, place two chocolate chips for the eyes and one red m&m for the nose. 

If the m&m's pop out after the cookies cool, use a tiny bit of icing to "glue" the nose back on. 

I dropped a couple of the cookies and used the icing to preform surgery reattach broken antlers as well. 

So if you are looking to outdo the other moms be the "Belle of the Ball" with the 4 to12 year old set, give these cookies a try. 

If you want to see other cookie recipes, head on over to Think Tank Momma's Share a Spoon.

Think Tank Momma

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why I am going to marry my Droid and have it's babies....

I got a new phone. 

It's uses the android operating system.

I am in complete and utter love.

I am going to marry it and have it's babies.

I have been holding out FOREVER waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon. I am a big Mac fan. I am also a big fan of good reception where ever I I have been scouring the interwebz for info about when the iPhone is coming. I've fallen for every single one of the rumors....and learned how to deal with the bitter disappointments. While waiting for EONS, I've become curious about the whole android thing. 

So the other day when the prince was getting a new phone, I asked the sales rep when they were getting the iPhone. My phone is a friggin' lemon and has not been sending out outgoing mail for several months now. It also freezes up nonstop. But I didn't want to use my upgrade to get the Droid X when I knew this time I think that Verizon is actually getting the iPhone! Long story less long, I walked out with a brand new free, low level, no frills phone that uses android OS. I can wait until later to use my upgrade when I see the iPhone in January at an undisclosed date not told to me by said salesrep my new bff and decide between it and the Droid X. What are my thoughts about the el cheapo, low man on the totem pole android phone?


Sure, the camera is pathetic and it doesn't even have a flash. (I can just keep a flashlight in my pocket.) And the keyboard is so tiny that it took me 10 minutes to type a simple sentence. But that was until I discovered Swype. After you get used to it, it is AWESOME! And you iPhone losers users like JennFab can't get it. I am also enjoying apps like Angry Birds and Ping!Chat...which basically lets you text/chat and send pics/videos with anyone else who has the app. 

But one of my mostest favoritest function is the VOICE TO TEXT feature. It is fantastic...for two reasons. 

One, Oprah won't see me texting and driving and get all "but you signed a contract" with me. I can simply talk into the mic and it translates my voice to text. 

The second reason? I will show you by posting a transcript of my convo with Chief

(She suggests you take a bathroom break before reading below. Go ahead. I'll wait.)

Bladder empty? Good. Proceed.

Actual texting convo:

Me: I'm trying something out maybe it'll work better for texting

Chief: With the new droid?

Me: omg omg I just talked and texted you

Chief: What the eff? Yer such a showoff

Chief: So, even with your southern twang it works?

Chief: Say y'all...

Me: lol yes it under stance my southern twang

Me: Well kind of lol

Chief: Omg...I just peed

Me: Going to have fun with this

Chief: That right there is blog fodder

Me: fosho baby fo sho

Chief: Say kiss my grits

Me: I am got bush alright

Chief: BS...did you just say that outloud?

Me: this morning that was nice to say it got folks ok right

Chief: wtf

Me: Okay so it's not perfect

Chief: I am got bush?

Chief: Omg...I think you've had a stroke.

Me: It was supposed to say "oh my gosh it even got fo sho right!" LOL...sooooo doing a blog post!! 

Me: I'm going in ToysRUs now

Chief: Have fuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnn.

Pause for about an hour

Me: omg I almost lost my religion in toys r us

Chief: lmfao...I shop online...what are you doing in store dumba**?

Me: Don't wanna pay shipping

Me: playlist friggin cashier

Me: lowest

Me: low west

Chief: Omg!!! Hahahahahaha

Chief: Slowest?

Me: yeah fff (Trying to say yesssssssss)

Me: ya honey laughing to the could tell I was in a rush and she was hurtful

Me: What the????

Me: the guy behind me but laughing

Me: he could tell I was in a rush

Me: lady walks like a turtle

Chief: Omg...I hope you get this convo on blogger

Me: I'm in tears laughing

Chief: I'm going cross eyed

Me: I can't wait to hear that with everyone

Me: there

Me: share

Me: Took 3 tries probably my accent

The story I was trying to tell Chief was that I had the slowest cashier. And then I was in a rush to beat the kids home from the bus win my mother of the year award get home and the lady walking in front of me was walking like a turtle through the exit. The guy behind me was laughing because he could tell I was in a rush and she was so annoyingly slooooow footed. But with the hilarity of the text translating errors softened my bah humbug heart and made me laugh all the way home. All 80 mph of it...