Friday, March 18, 2011

Bucket Lists and Idiots

A few days ago:

Me: Should I try to get us a field for baseball practice on Saturday afternoon since our last two got rained out?

Prince: We can't do it Saturday afternoon. I'm pulling a jet.

Me: Huh?

Prince: I'm pulling a jet.

Me: *puzzled look on my face*

Prince: I'm going to be part of a team that pulls a Southwest jet on their inaugural flight into *town we live near* Each county has put together a team and I was asked to be on our county's team.

Me: You're stupid. You are not actually doing that.

Prince: Yes, I am.

Me: No, you're not.

Prince: Why do you think I went and got the cortisone shot and the fluid drained off my knee that already needs surgery?

Me: That's EXACTLY why you shouldn't PULL A JET!!!

Prince: But how many chances do you have to do something like this? I'll get to check something off my bucket list.

Me: You had no idea this was even a bucket list option!

Prince: I'm doing it.

Me: You're stupid.

Heir to the throne: Mommy, you're not supposed to call people stupid.

Me: You can if it's true, son.

First Southwest flight to land *here*

Here comes the 83,000 lb plane!

The "A" Team...otherwise known as the Band of Idiots...getting set to pull the 737.

They won the first round! On to the second...

A local 1-AA College Offensive and Defensive Line getting ready to pull.
Against NCAA regulations? ( wasn't!)

Pull #2 for the "A" Team

That's the Prince in the front with the black hat.

Even with my baby as the anchor, they just couldn't beat the young guns.

But a second place trophy isn't too shabby for a bunch of geezers!

And for your viewing pleasure.......

And yes, they almost ran into the crowd and through the fence. I guess once they got the locomotive started, it was just too hard to stop it.

So here we have it....marked off the bucket list. Now I have to go call our insurance company and see if "Stupidity" is a covered diagnosis.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Convo with the Prince

Here's another short but sweet one:

Me: I heard a quote today that I really liked and think it would be good for you to use in your game day speeches with the kids.

Prince: What? 

*Pretends to humor me while flipping through channels wishing I would go back to playing Angry Birds*

Me: "Winning isn't everything, but TRYING to win is."

*looks at the prince smiling while waiting for his response while he continues to flip channels*

Prince: Winning isn't everything, but second place sucks. You can quote me.

Me: *rolls eyes*

Gotta love him....

The Prince's 2010 First Place Baseball Team

Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Ramblings

Dear Chocolate Chip Pizza from Pizza Inn,

You are of the devil.

I can't quit you.

Jello Butt

(Disclaimer: I obviously snagged that pic from google images. The give away is that the plate only has two slices.)


You know those little cans of extremely concentrated room sprays?

Husbands should not be allowed to operate them.

*cough cough*  *gag*  *wheeze*


True Fact (According to Princess): 47 degrees and sunny starts to feel like 70 degrees when you've had so many bitter cold days in a row.


The Princess of Sarcasm is now accepting offers to review vacation spots in Key West, Costa Rico, Turks and Caicos, or any other place where the winter attire includes flip flops...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don't mess with me....

This is the most ferocious animal on the face of the earth. 

And he lives at my house....

I would suggest you not try to break in....or sniff his wee wee. 

You will certainly experience the wrath. 

He is 6.5 lbs. of pure dynamite...

I'm looking for the best caption for this photo.