Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Girl Panties and Party Girls

Today is JennFab's birthday! 

*insert party horns and streamers* 

I said streamers...not strippers. <--that was for the wayward dudes who stumble upon this blog post from odd google searches...and Ian...and Ed.
Our theme for JennFab's birthday is "Put your big girl panties on and celebrate Jenn's birthday!" My original intent was to get a really big pair of panties and take a pic of me and my family in them. I'm on vacation right now, but I really didn't think that would be too hard to make it happen. So I went to the mall...... No luck. Apparently, big girls are discriminated against at the mall. Grannies are not, just big girls. I found lots of panties in normal sizes. Like a size 6.......but with enough fabric in one pair of size sixes to make several more pairs of panties. What is up with that?! How big do people wear their panties?! If you are a size 6, there is no reason to have panties that are 2 feet tall. I mean, really. 
So since my quest to find an actual pair of panties was foiled, I decided I would steal borrow a pic from the interwebz. Guess what I found out from a google search of "big girl photos"? (yes, I forgot to type in "panties") LOTS OF BIG GIRL PORN! Oh my. Not really what I was going for.....but apparently, many others do. Note to self: Get a porn filter before letting boys use my laptop.
I scratched searching the internet to pirate a picture and decided to make my own. I photoshopped a picture from last year of my family at the beach this week to show us in our big girl panties.....which are orange in honor of Clemson Jenn's favorite team, the University of Texas. Go Tigers! Hook 'em Horns!

Happy Birthday my fabulous friend! I hope you don't don't go postal on your coworkers have an awesome day! 
Now go on over to Jenn's at She Says and leave her some lovin'.

Seriously. Go now. 

There's nothing left here to see.

I'm dropping back off the face of the earth going back on vacation.

So scram.

Actually.......I am going to be hanging out with Shell from Things I Can't Say today unless her husband did that background check on me like he threatened.

That's right. Be jealous. I just wish I had packed my tiara and boa. I'm not sure how she'll recognize me at the pool without them. I guess she'll just have to look for the chick eating Doritos being fanned by the cabana boys.

I'm sure some pictures will surface at some point and ya'll can live vicariously through us....or not. Whatever.


singedwingangel said...

too funny.. although if ya were in Ky I know of a pair of size 67 undies.. Oh yeah baby you read that right your family, my family and a few of our bloggie buddies families could fit in those awesome tings.

Brittney said...

LOL~ Have fun you two!!

Kmama said...

Haha. Too funny!!

Enjoy your visit from Shell. I just told her about Buster dialing you up and you getting about 5 mins of our SUPER EXCITING conversation. ;-)

Ed said...

Geez. Way to tease me, yet again.

Also, I see you lumped me in with Ian. I used to get lumped in with Mooooog. Not sure if that means I'm moving up in the world, or down. Guess I don't know Ian well enough.

Evonne said...

That's funny! Just a reminder not to let my daughter Google random things!

Enjoy your visit with Shell. Yes, I'm jealous!

Heather @ Two Little Monkeys Plus Hubby said...

Hope your having a blast on vacation and enjoy your visit with Shell.

Jenn said...

Seriously? I'm all vercempt! Thank you so much for thinking about me today and taking time out of your busy vacation to write up a post (since it's been about 15 years). I love you more than words and I can't wait to see you in July. You need to tell me when you're coming. I hope it's not the last week because that's when I'll be gone!

Let me know!

I love you so much,

Aunt Crazy said...


Heather said...

Hi. Nice to meet you. It is my first time visiting.

I hope you enjoy the pool.

I am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

Venassa said...

Too funny.. love the family photo in panties.

Have fun with Shell!

LambAround said...

They found your site how? Oh my!
You're very sweet to write a post like this :)

My post for Mom Sexy Prom 2010 is up! Come to the prom with me:

Chief said...

he he! love the fake drawers!

Debbie said...

I hope she has a great day! Love the photoshopping!

Poolside with the Girls said...

Sweet that you and Shell hooked up for a pool date. How fun!

And I AM jealous!!!!

I've been MIA too so I'm glad I'm not the only sure does get in the way of blogging sometimes!

Jessica said...

Awww, look at y'all! You ALL put on your big girl, eh, big family panties!!