Monday, May 17, 2010

Auction Items for Mission Monkey

Do you want to win something awesome from the Mission Monkey Auction? 
Take a peek at some of the awesome things people are offering.


smArtee Pants from Insights and Belly Laughs has an Etsy shop where you can see her funky art work. She is donating four art prints of the winners choice valued at $40. These are so cute. I wish I had a daughter, cuz I'm gonna need someone to come visit me at Christmas when the boys are at their MIL's I would totally love to put these sassy prints in her room.



Elyse Rosati is donating a copy of her book, By Little Hands, and a handcrafted children's smock. 

The for a description of the book go to this link on Amazon.


Erin from The Mother Load is donating a "Get Your Green On" package, which includes (but is not limited to):
1.) 1 set of Belief Beyond Bags---reusable produce bags; 1 oversized and 2 standard reusable produce bags from Whole Foods. All are white.
2.) 1 soy candle with cotton wick. Vanilla Latte scent.
3.) 1 Flip & Tumble reusable tote bag (possibly my favorite brand/kind). Holds 25 lbs, has padded shoulder strap. Rolls up into a tiny ball you can toss into your puse, briefcase, gym bag, etc. Shown in photo rolled up and laid out flat.
4.) 1 handmade bar of soap (all natural ingredients) made by Soaptopia. Eucalyptus and mint scented.
5.) 2 green reusable totes with important message on the outside::One Earth, One Person, One Chance."


The next item up is super duper cuteness. Check out this red zebra pirate pixie hat from this Etsy shop.

BABY NOT INCLUDED!!! Otherwise I would have snatched this one up already.


Lisa from Mommy's Nest secured this donation from Boutique Mia: Retro and Fun Tuxedo inspired Peasant Top with the added Boutique Mia touch.

It can be a vintage button, a little bow or just a little surprise.

Size 4/5

Polka Dots and Hockey Sticks is donating this 80x62 quilt.


I Fly Like a Bird is donating a handmade rosette pin, rosette headband, a pair of handmade earrings, a handmade earring hanger, and a book wreath.


And the most valuable last  item I am posting is a phone call from Princess of Sarcasm. It can be done via Skype complete with boa and tiara if you wish. 

I will play the part and praise your child for performing a task such as going pee pee in the potty or as a birthday greeting. Are you having trouble getting your child to take their medicine like JennFab was? I got you covered. Is your little one sneaking up and getting out of bed like Supah Mommy's little angel, Yep Yep? Princess to the rescue. 

If you are a dirty old man looking for a party.... 

Do. Not. Bid. 

Not gonna happen. 

Skype call will need to be scheduled in advance to make sure my diamonds plastic gems in my tiara are polished and ready for show. If you do not have a webcam, we can still do the call via regular phone. 


For the record it's pure torture posting cute little girls things when you only have boys....but I'll do it for Monkey.

For information on how to donate to Mission Monkey and win an auction item, please visit Ian at Daily Dose of Reality. He will have a master list of links up on Wednesday so you can find all the other items that have been donated.

Click on monkey to donate...please help!


Casey said...

It is amazing to see the blog world, well most of the blog world, come together to support this precious little girl!

Kmama said...

Yay great items. Of course, the most valuable is the phone call from you!

Some of the pics aren't working, at least not for me!

Oka said...

Funny, I got to announce your Phone call too.

So many wonderful items!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Awesome! I can't wait to start some bidding!

Aunt Crazy said...

I have a teenaged girl...want her??? LOL just kidding of course, well, maybe not sometimes, but right now, I'm totally 100% kidding!

This effort gets more amazing every day!!!

I heart Monkey!

*LLUVIA* said...

That is awesome stuff!!

The Blue Zoo said...

Wow! That is some cute stuff!! I love that baby hat, adorable!

Lisa said...

I love those prints and that top!

The little girl hat is so cute!!

Ed said...

I sure hope somebody bids on all this shit, cause that little monkey needs the money.

adrienzgirl said...

I am so happy everyone is donating! It's awesome.

My #MissionMonkey post got some great sponsors from my readers! I am going to raise some serious $$ for her! Woot!

I love seeing everyone come together like this!

Menopausal New Mom said...

Awesome! I love how everyone is rallying around for this darling little girl and her family, we have a great blogging community :)