Monday, May 10, 2010

On Becoming a Mother....

What kind of things have I learned from being a mom?

I have learned that...abstract art is not stupid....there is truly nothing more emotion invoking and precious than a picture of a dinosaur drinking coffee at an amusement park you and your child hugging in a meadow full of flowers and puppy dogs.
I have learned DO use fractions and other "mathy" stuff after high school. *Damn you third grade math*

I have learned that....Kidz Bop, while cute at first and certainly better than the Wiggles, is quickly becoming the leading cause of mothers becoming heroin addicts pulling their hair out.
I have learned that....peanut butter and/or jelly is apparently wall art...and my house is a gallery.
I have learned that...getting your first tooth is not nearly as much fun as it sounds.

I have learned....not to judge stay-at-home moms vs. working moms and breast feeding vs. bottle feeding....we are all just mom's trying to survive. Though I'm sure my kids will turn out better than yours...... Shut up. Let me live in my fantasy world.
I have learned my house is a complete waste of time. Yet I keep doing it. (But don't come check it right now, k?)

Photo Credit: The Dude who does Garfield
I have learned don't really need so many toys. Wish I had learned that one sooner......
I have learned that...using the phrase "my kids will NEVER *insert undesired behavior*" is the quickest way to get God to laugh and show you his sense of humor.

I have learned that....ranch dressing and ketchup are their own separate food groups and each should be given a nobel peace prize.
I've learned kids are willing to forgive me easily when I make mistakes though I'm sure they keep a secret diary for future therapy sessions. 
I've learned that....I CAN handle a crisis though the prince is much better in those situations.
I've learned that...I can switch from being so excited about the future for my children to being terrified in the blink of an eye. 
I have learned that...becoming a mom is the best thing I ever did.
And most importantly, I have learned that....not every mom is as lucky as I am....and that any mom's life can change in a moment without notice.
Please go show your support for this mom whose wind has been knocked out of her. She needs to hear some encouraging words of hope. Be on the lookout this week for more information on how you can help her. 



Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

You have learned a bit, haven't you!? I love it! Oh, and ranch and ketchup? Yep, they should be. Except my boys don't use either. odd ducks!

Jessica said...

Apparently I need to stop saying, "My *future* kids will NEVER act like that in public." God surely has a long list of torturous actions in which he will make my kids do.

And...praying for her family so hard!

Oka said...

You have learned an awful lot and very valuable lessons.

An Imperfect New Momma said...

LOL. Yeah. It is the best thing I've ever done too...though most days I'm like what the heck was I thinking?! Yeah freaking teething sucks majorly!

Salt said...

That shirt is fantastic. Mostly because it took me three times reading it to understand what it meant. Math and I aren't friends.

I hope you had a marvelous mother's day!

Ed said...

Pretty good for being "forced".

Kmama said...

I love this post. It's so so so true.

That pic of you and the heirs is so cute!!

Lisa said...

I love this is so true!
I have learned that...using the phrase "my kids will NEVER *insert undesired behavior*" is the quickest way to get God to laugh and show you his sense of humor.

singedwingangel said...

The my kids will never is in direct proportion to the phrase, "just wait you have children" mantra our parents uttered over us throughout our lives..

CountessLaurie said...

God laughs at me... oh, does he laugh!!

Great list! I wish I too had learned them all earlier :-)

Evonne said...

You are wise grasshopper!

I wish I would have that one about the toys sooner. My house makes Toys R Us look out of stock!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I love this! The school of motherhood is much like the school of hard knocks.

Anonymous said...

What?!?! You still clean??

My kids actually mix ranch and ketchup together! They call it pink sauce... I call it gross!

Cassie said...

Nice post. My addition to the ketchup rule is that everything and anything can be dipped in it. Trust me. EVERYTHING.

Shell said...

You made me laugh and tear up all in the same post. That's why you are one of my favorite bloggers.

And you're beautiful.

Can I say smooches here? B/c it's totally appropriate.

Jeannie, Jane, Angel, Mommy, etc.. said...

Just found your blog and I love it!

I agree with Cassie on the ketchup thing. Even broccoli!

Casey said...

Such a true post! Love it

The Manic Mommy said...

Awesome Post girl - I'm right there with you - and I fully agree with you! I have missed you Princess! :)


Stacey said...

Great post! We are all just moms trying to survive!

Brittney said...

touching post! Motherhood is a beautiful yet messy thing isnt it :)

Frugal Vicki said...

My husband has some weird phobia with ketchup. It is almost humorous actually.
You have learned quite a bit! and you are many moms aren't as lucky and it breaks my heart.

Erin said...

You had me at ketchup and ranch dressing.

Excellent post, darling. And I got all misty-eyed near the end.

I am also sending YOU smooches this time. Praying for little Monkey and looking forward to Ian's post tomorrow and sending help her/their way.

Daffy said...

You have such a beautiful family Princess!

Mother's day was phenomenal this year simply because I am a mother.

As usual your post is awesome, heartwarming and inspiring!