Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shout Out (Holla!) for Bryce Donovan

The following is a column that my "cyber buddy" 

Bryce Donovan 

(who is the humor columnist for the Post & Courier in Charleston, SC) wrote this week. 

(Sorry BD....I couldn't figure out how to get your name to flash.)

I find him mildly funny at times. 

OK, OK....and the rest of the time I find him hilarious! But I don't make a habit out of telling him that because he'll get a big fat head. So please don't tell him I said that. 

It is my mission in life to keep him grounded.

I also don't want him to know that I'm jealous of him because he 

actually gets paid to blog!!!!

**insert pretending to not be jealous face**

I asked him for permission to post his column because I totally agree with #3! 

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there. 

There's no treat in being tricked

Thursday, November 5, 2009

We grow up so quickly.

One Halloween we're dressing up as Mickey Mouse to go trick-or-treating, and the next we're staying at home so we can hand out Fun Size Snickers bars to all the kids who come to our front door. Granted, in my particular case, it actually was last year I dressed up as Mickey Mouse (and, Mom, I'm sorry about your pantyhose, I promise to get you a new pair), but still, I'm not going to lie: Those last 365 days sure went fast.

Which technically means I'm a grown-up now. (Next stop, big boy pants!) Which I've found entails putting on a big, fake smile and pretending to be excited about handing out candy to a bunch of mute little ungrateful kids who can't even remember their one stupid line.

(Door bell rings.)
ME: (Opening door.) "Well, hey there!"
ME: (Long, awkward silence.) "What do you say?"
KIDS: (Another long, awkward silence.) "Do you have any Kit Kats?"

Stupid kids.
I can tell you this much: Next year, if you want to come trick-or-treating to my house, there are going to be rules. For instance ...

No. 1: You've got to be something I've heard of.
Look, just because I'm getting older doesn't mean I'm not still hip and up on my prop culture, so can you please try to come up with a costume that is at least semi-current? I mean, there's nothing worse than some cute little boy coming up to the front door and he has some dirt smudged on his forehead, a graduation gown on and is carrying a conductor's wand while telling you his name is 'Larry the Potter' or some other made-up name like that. I mean, would it kill you kids to actually read a book every once in a while?

No. 2: Avoid the tricks.
Seriously, I find nothing funny about having my house toilet papered, egged or covered in shaving cream. But if for some reason you absolutely must do this, at least have the common courtesy to avoid shaving dirty words into my dogs, too.

No. 3: You've got to say, 'Trick or treat.'
At risk of sounding like my grandfather (who used to make us say 'trick or treat' before we could even go to the bathroom), this is the deal. You say the line, I give you candy. That's how it works. If you stand there without saying anything while Dad lingers by the street texting his wife that the crotchety old man down the street from them appears to be on to their son's Larry the Potter gimmick, no candy for you!

No. 4: 11:17 p.m. is way too late.
First of all, what is an 8-year-old still doing up at that hour? And second, can't you see my wife and I are enjoying the bowl of Butterfingers you and your grubby little friends forfeited a good two hours ago?

No. 5: Get off the phone when I come to the door.
These days, even 6-year-olds seem to have their own cell phones, so kids, do me a favor and please hang up when I come to the door (or at least tell the person to 'hang on'). Not only is it the polite thing to do, but it also makes it easier for you to hear me when I say, 'Get off my property!'

So there they are. Parents, tell your kids to follow those simple rules and next year they can have all the candy they want if they visit my house. Just keep in mind that if the dogs are out front, they might also learn a few new words.

Bryce Donovan wants to know why more women don't wear pantyhose. These things are great! Reach him at 937-5938 or

If you are interested in reading more of Bryce's columns, click HERE. 

*If you are from WV, please read some of them only if the doctor has not removed your funny bone. He means no harm...I swear!

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Anonymous said...

number 5 made me snort my lemon ginger tea out my

Sabrina said...

Who is this Bryce person?! He's a riot! I am going to go check him out right now!!

kys said...

Oh snap! I may have to go all Angry Hillbilly on him!

(Kidding. But I am from WV. And probably will LMAO at everything he says.)

SupahMommy said...


this is the new proverbial question

even though i dont' know what proverbial is.

Evonne said...

Ya, I want to get paid for this too!

He is seriously funny! If you have to ask what a kid is dressed as, it takes away from the coolness of having a unique costume.

I have to go check out more of his stuff. After I finish my coffee - can't waste that all over the screen!

Kimi said...

Too funny and paid to blog. Seriously some guys have all the freaking luck.

Bryce said...

And I have a hot wife.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Trick or friggin Treat!! Thank you!!

MaeRae said...

A huge giggle and a snort about the tea. But seriously the hot wife takes the cake!