Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Star Gazing (Stalking) *UPDATED!!!!*


Hello. My name is Princess and I am an unsuccessful stalker.

A few years back I went on a girl's weekend to NYC with my friend Lucy and a few others. We had plans to do all the typical "southern girls in NYC" things. You know, a little sight seeing, a little eating, Regis & Kelly, The View (when it was good), Broadway show, LOTS of shopping, and keeping our eyes peeled for famous people.

Here's a transcript from our shuttle ride from the airport to the Marriott.

Van drives through NYC dropping people off at various locations. We stop at a building near our hotel.

Me: "Hey! There's.....there''s's.....THAT GUY FROM THAT TV SHOW!!"

Passenger: "Yeah, the one that replaced the guy who played the father in that movie."

Me: "Yes! He's on that show.....with the lawyers and cops."

(The guy in the middle with the brown suit.)

Not one person on the van knew his name. Sad, I know. But I took it as an omen that we were going to see celebrities....lots of them.

So everywhere we went, I was looking at everyone's face.

I was certain we would walk past Sara Jessica Parker on Fifth Avenue.

Positive that Billie Joel would hold the door for us as we walked into a coffee shop.

Thought there might even be a possibility that we would spot Madonna jogging through Central Park.

We saw Terri Hatcher on The View. (It was a few days before the Desperate Housewives premier.) We saw Joaquin Phoenix on Regis & Kelly. He was promoting a movie with JOHN TRAVOLTA.

Guess who was a guest on Regis & Kelly the next day? Yep. That's right. Mr. Saturday Night Fever....that's just my luck. A day early.

I kept my eyes peeled everywhere we went. We came back to our hotel one night and found out that while we were kicking around Ground Zero, Little Italy, and China Town....John (yes, we're on a first name basis....though I'm not sure he's aware of me this yet) was hanging out at the firestation around the corner from our hotel. *pout face*

I ended up on the plane flying home without one. single. bonafide. star. sighting. The ones at show tapings do not count. They were monkeys in the zoo. I wanted to see one in the wild. So I could chase them down and take a picture.

I wanted to take a pic like this with someone famous. (Note to the random girl in the pink shirt.....I suggest you get out of Chief 's rightful place at the left hand of Edward. She's had a bad week. You don't want to mess with her. Just sayin'.)

The Prince on the other hand, sees famous people at random places all the time.....without stalking them. The last time he was in San Antonio, he ran in to creepy old man movie star Morgan Friedman and his step granddaughter/girlfriend.

When he was in Orlando he hung out with Joey Fatone at Howl at the Moon. He called to tell me about it and I begged him to go tell Joey how I adored watching him on Dancing with the Stars and how much I looooooved him......with all my heart. The Prince talked to Joey, but didn't tell him any of that stuff. Weird, huh?

(That girl hanging all over Joey is the wife of my hubby's customer. She stole my spot!!! I wish I knew how to photoshop her face out of there and insert mine. I'd probably take the Prince and the dude in the blue shirt out of the pic too. I'm really not good at sharing.)

And yes, he asked me to go on both trips, but it's so hard to get away and leave the kids when they are in school.

*insert regret here*

On one of his other trips to San Antonio, he called me to say, "Hey. I'm at a Spurs game. Guess who is sitting a few rows in front of me." Yep, it was Eva Longoria. Are you kidding me?!?

I plan on ending my losing streak this week.

We are taking the family to San Antonio for a week. One of our activities includes a Spurs game.

I will be in stealth stalker mode.

Eva might ought to hire extra security....I have no idea how I will act.

But I'm betting it will be ridiculous....


I ♥ Susan and Joey!


One Cluttered Brain said...

Yes Ma'm, you are right about one thing, Chief deserves to be next to Edward, most definitely. Is she Team Edward too?
Hope you have a good time this week! When are ya leaving?
I would bring your camera for sure. Who knows, you might just get lucky.

Amber said...

I hope you get to see her. I LUV her! Have fun in San Antonio!

Steven Anthony said...

I was gonna cry if you told me you spotted SJP, I love her and want no one but me to spot good luck on your quest


Kmama said...


My hubby had a run-in with Jared Leto in Las Vegas. He had NO IDEA who he was. Like they seriously almost got into a fight. Might be some blogging material there. Hmm.

Evonne said...

My husband has met a few football players and then had the nerve to rub it in (a lot) knowing I wasn't able to go with him.

Have a good time! If you see Eva, tell her "what's up" for me, k? I love her!

Corrie Howe said...

I've run into Mr. T, Sylvester Stallone, Lynn Swan and Jack Lord (Hawaii 5-0) over the years.

I was in a summer camp with Michael Jordon when he played college ball. All my friends wanted his autograph, but were afraid to ask. I didn't know who he was, so I had not problem asking. I got them all autographs, but I didn't get myself one, because I didn't know or care who he was at the time. Dumb, huh? Could've had an autograph of Michael Jordon before he was Michael Jordon.

Kimi said...

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! Stalk on!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

LOL! Stalker! I had tea next to Steve Martin at the Palm Court in NYC.

kys said...

Have a great trip! I rode in an elevater with Chaka Kahn and El Debarge one time. (I know you are super-jealous.)

Tracie said...

That is so funny.....I am an unsuccessful stalker too. So sad.

Have a great trip and stalk carefully!! (here is an upside to facemasks, the security can't have you arrested since they didn't actually see your face--but they are bad for pictures!)

SupahMommy said...

Um. You forgot ONE PERSON.

* waiting
* waiting
* waiting

BDonov said...

I did the same thing with my face on the Joey Fatone poster in my room.

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

Oh! That's right Supah!!! McHey Hey lives 30 minutes from my brother in law's house. I'll stalk him too! (And not share.) Thanks for reminding me. (That IS what you were referring to, right?)

Bryce.....I really wish you hadn't put MY face on Joey Fatone's poster on your ceiling. Your obsession with me and Joey must end.

MaeRae said...

that would be so cool. I however have no luck stalking. My mom once sat on a park bench in boston eating a canoli and wanted to know what all the hub bub was going on around her and she started talking to the guy right next to her because he looked familiar and it ended up being Marc Harmon (long before NCIS days)

Chief said...

Seriously, is she really any competition for a specimen like me?

I will kick her a$$

and SUpah's too