Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things I am Thankful For

Since it's Thanksgiving, I don't think this list needs much of an introduction. So without futher adieu....

5. LASIK eye surgery

This is the best thing I ever did for myself!!  (It was a few years ago, but I never cease to be amazed and thankful for it.) To be a slave to contacts had become more than annoying. I was sick and tired of having to dig them out of my eyeballs EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT! 

No watching TV and falling asleep. No impromptu naps. No riding in the boat without constantly  putting in eye drops every time we stopped for a moment. 

And I only forgot to pack my contact solution ONE TIME! Trust me, after soaking your contacts in water overnight (just so they won't dry out to the hardness of petrified wood) and then putting them back'd never make that mistake again. 

If you've been considering it, I highly recommend it! It was so quick and DID NOT HURT! It was kind of a weird feeling, but it was over in a flash. AMAZING technology. 

4. Paula Deen

Yum. Yum. Yum. Who doesn't love them some Paula Deen? She's the aunt everyone wishes they had. (Except her yummy sons would be your cousins....which in most states would knock them out of the running for being your lover. I'm not naming the know who  we  you are.) 

Who doesn't love taking perfectly  boring  healthy vegetables, rolling them in some type of carbohydrate crack and then frying them to a golden crisp in  butter  lard   bacon grease  baking them in the oven?

And to make things better, when I signed my mom (the Queen) up for Facebook, Paula Deen popped up as a classmate. After a little Googling investigative genius, I discovered her maiden name. My mom was all like, "Paula Hiers!?! I didn't realize Paula Hiers was Paula Deen?! I knew Paula Hiers! We were friends!!" 

*insert me picturing myself going to Paula's house with my mom for their weekend reunion of BFF's complete with all the fried chicken, biscuits, and banana pudding  the princess  we can eat.* 

So we dig out her yearbooks and sure enough...there's Paula....along with her signature in my mom's yearbook. Sah-Weet!! (Like Fried Pumpkin Layer Cake with Cream Cheese and Orange Frosting )

3. Tivo

And I will be even more thankful when DirecTV partners with Tivo again (I hear is rumored to be happening soon) so I can get rid of that awful DVR developed by the satellite morons. 

Don't get me wrong....any DVR is better than nothing. But once you go Tivo, you never go back. (Unless forced to do so by greedy satellite people who think they can make their own box and cut Tivo out of the pie.) *Did someone say pie? Licking lips...*

2. Guitar Hero

God bless the makers of Guitar Hero for saving me from a life of Kidz Bop and changing my little "Wiggles Heads" to "Metal Heads." 

I can finally listen to music that does NOT make me want to rummage through the neighbors my medicine cabinet looking for a lethal combination of pills aspirin. 

I love that Guitar Hero has turned my sons into Bon Jovi fans. How cool is that? 

My kids know all the words Living on a Prayer, Eye of the Tiger, Rock You Like a Hurricane, and Sweet Home Alabama. (Though thanks to our friend "Mr. Mayfield Ice Cream Man" they now insert "ROLL TIDE! ROLL!" into the song.)

1. The Royal Family

I am most thankful for the Prince, the heirs to the throne, Kings, Queens, and the court of Royal Jesters. 

Family members: please insert yourselves where ever fitting.

Whaaa? I didn't call you a court jester!! 

I called you a royal jester! 

It is much different. 

Not the butt of  jokes AT ALL! 

*winks to blog readers*


Amber said...

Thats so cool that Paula Dean Knew your mom. I think Guitar Hero, Rock Band and all the other games like it have turned everybody. I Adore guitar hero, we're trying to convince my parents to get it for the far no luck. :(

Sabrina said...

I am thankful that my obsession with a dorky humorist led me directly into the Princess's court! You make me laugh every are a gift!

Don't get used to the praise...I am just feeling weak because Alaska keeps me SOOOOOO far away from my loved ones during the holidays!)

Kmama said...

5. I'm chicken.
4. How cool!
3. I'm a DVR person myself, but I've never tried TIVO, and probably won't because our DVR is standard with our HDTV Dish.
2. I enjoy some Guitar Hero as well, but I always get the songs stuck in my head.
1. Aww!!

BDonov said...

Paula Deen might be an awesome cook, but she'll never play wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys (unless Roy Williams keeps dropping all those passes):

Evonne said...

I love Guitar Hero. And so does my daughter. Now we need to talk to husband into getting it. I think Daddy's Girl may need to pull out some charm!!

Chief said...

1. thing. ever. no shitske!

2. TiVo. Thank goodness! Now I won't have to curse "the box" everytime the damned thing freezes up!

3. I think we are sistah from another mistah! I was so thrilled to see the play lists on Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Now my kids have all of AC/DC, Aerosmith, Beatles on their MP3's!

2.I screwed the whole number thing the hell up!

1. Have fun gobblin' yer gobbler

Jessica Jones said...

I Heart Lasik too! I wore glasses since the age of 3 and even now 2 years later i am still amazed and thankful for it! thanks for reminding me! OH I also love Tivo and GUitar hero as well! we should hang ha ha ha

One Cluttered Brain said...

You knew Paula b4 she got famous? AND you were friends with her? Are you just BS ing me?
That is wicked cool.
It's good to be thankful.
I'm thankful for my laptop. Yeah, that about sums it up. :)

Oh, and my family. and my good health. :)

kys said...

I'm so jealous! I have wanted Lasik for-evah. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!