Friday, August 20, 2010

Fat Girl to the Rescue

I've often wondered why most of my friends are super fit. I mean, what are they doing hanging out with a lazy chubby girl like me? My initial thought was because it:
  • Reminded them why they need to continue to exercise.
  • Made them feel better about themselves.
  • I am their project and they sit around at Zumba class and plan how they are going to "change" me.
  • They need someone at their birthday party that will eat up the left over cake so that there is none left to tempt them.
My Girls
Sorry the pic is so small. I'm having technical difficulties...

I have so many good friends who run daily because they are nuts like it. They run in 5Ks and Mud Runs. They do yoga. They ride their bikes for hours upon miles. They work out with big steroidy dudes named Bo Bo. (Kidding...I have no idea if Bo Bo does steroids. It's just the image I have made up in my mind. I've never seen know, since I don't go to the gym.) They invite me to water aerobics. Uhhh, no thanks ladies. That incorporates two things I hate....exercise AND swim suits!
Today, I realized the real reason I have been befriended by all my fitness queen chicks. I got a call from one of my besties, Serena. 
Serena: "Hey! I need you real quick. Do you have 15 minutes?"
Me: "Of course I do. What's up?" (Thinking she needs to talk a minute and she wants to pick my brain since I am an expert in child and adolescent psychology was a therapist in a former life before children...and she has a daughter in middle school.)
Serena: "My bike has a flat tire. I need you to come get me and take me home."
Me: *feeling guilty that she's exercising while I can't even find the motivation to get in the shower yet* "I'll be right there!"
Obviously I am the only one they can call for such a service. Everyone else is out doing *insert fitness activity here*.
So I'm their emergency plan. Which is not all bad. 
A. I'm needed.
B. I'm valued.
C. I get to be their superhero.


Shell said...

Princess to the rescue!

singedwingangel said...

first of all you are a far cry from being anywhere near overweight.. I have seen the videos remember. but hey getting out and driving to them is exercise too lol

Aunt Crazy said...

You walked to and from the car, didn't you??? bwahahahaha

Babes Mami said...

You will have to add a cape to that tiara and boa now!

Jeannie, Jane, Angel, Mommy, etc.. said...

So that's why my skinny friends keep me around?!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I've got some friends like that, but I prefer to stand beside the bigger ones in pictures!

Kmama said...

Seriously...hush up your mouth woman! You are the farthest thing from chubby or fat!

But...this was funny! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Exercise, what is that. Oh that thing the dr. told me to do. So is that why my skinny friends keep me around :) Have a great weekend.

Christy said...

hahaha, that's too funny!

Chief said...

I KNEW you were jealous of my body

The Grasshoppa:Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

Shut that hail up, you are not chubby.

You da princess.
Perfectly princessy.

Second of all...

I forget the second of all.

It will come to me in a minute.

I just finished the 30 day shred with Jillian and I am dehdyrated. (no lie)!!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

You are too funny!

For the record..I don't see a single chubby or fat girl in that picture.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

P.S. I'm assuming you're in that picture...and I was implying there is no way you are chubby!

(Sorry..after I left the first message, I dawned on me that it may have come across as rude)

Anonymous said...

um, yeah. where exactly is the chubby chick in the photo?

Heather said...

YOu aren't fat and I too always stand next to the other non tiny people in pictures.

Krystyn said...

Hey everybody needs an emergency girl (and you aren't fat, either!)

From Tracie said...

I never run unless I'm being chased...with weapons of some sort...and death threats being yelled after me.

But I would pick up a friend who was injured/stranded/stuck while doing their physical exercise of choice....and I always eat the leftover cake!

MamaOnDaGo said...

Saw you at Kludgy Mom and decided to check your blog out. Who couldn't use a little funny sarcasm? Glad I did.