Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Halloweenies

So lots of people have been looking for ideas for Halloween costumes. I've had a few good ones from time to time. (At least in my mind.) Though my boys much prefer all that store bought crap. I thought I would post a few ideas you might enjoy. If you're not enjoying them....go ahead and scroll to the bottom. I saved the best for last!!!

Here's my Lil' Punkin...

And my own personal superheroes who saved me from a life of not being a MOMMY!

Cat in the Hat 
This was made with a black sweatsuit, faux fur, fabric glue, and eye liner.....real easy. I bought the hat from a costume shop. I think it came with gloves, but he wouldn't wear them.

This was a cool fireman raincoat I bought from the Carter's outlet store, rubber rain boots from Target, fireman's hat, and cardboard box turned into firetruck with paint, markers, foam paper, tin foil, and ribbon. The boys STILL play with it.

This outfit was worn by both boys. My youngest...the one in this picture was NOT friendly with the camera at this age. Getting him to stop and look was impossible. I don't have pics of my oldest in this outfit on the computer...and I'm too lazy to go dig it up out of one of umpteen boxes and scan it. My mom made the vest out of faux fur. Hat was a cheapie from Walmart. The sheriff's badge was from a trip to San Antonio. I highly encourage going to San Antonio to get the badge. Any other badge just wouldn't look right. And I think I should go with you as your chaperone. Just sayin'.....

Store bought.....snooze.
But the boys were thrilled. The good thing is that my youngest actually got the Darth Vader costume for potty training a few months earlier. (Yay for potty training!)

German soldier and Indiana Jones
German soldier was made from stuff I already had at home....yay! The leather coat came from ebay, fedora from Target...mens department, foam whip from Target, toy guns from toy box. Voilla! I had to include a pic of the boys friends...Mario and Luigi. You can make this costume with overalls, t-shirt, fake moustache, felt letter on the hat, and garden gloves. Too cute!

These two pictures are of face painting from a festival...but super cute. I thought about doing something like this for Halloween this year...but like I said, the boys want some boring store bought costume. *insert disappointed face*

THIS is my favorite costume......EVAH!!
I am a retired Hooters waitress and the Prince is Larry the Cable Guy. Please note that my badonkadonk is enhanced with pillow stuffing. It's big in real life....just not quite THAT big....


SupahMommy said...


do YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I CLICKED ON THAT PICTURE when it appeaered on your facebook " do you know me" profile? I saw it and was like.. whaa???

I was thinking it was your ONE pic that you said facebook held of yesteryears.. and you had mentioned losing weight to me..

I am dying that you posted it and my quest is now finished.

awe. some. idea

the boobs

had to look twice- then peed twice.


Shell said...

Those are so creative!

That last pic...I was cracking up! Love it!

Sabrina said... are too funny! Love all the costumes (your boys are fabulous!), especially the 'royal couple' slumming it! The pictures with your house in the background reinforce that you need to trim those hedges, girl!!

Serena said...

all i can say is Holden and Matthew both had the cutest round heads when they were babies. Man, how things change. Well they are still cute, but minus the round heads.
Is the princess wearing her Uggh's yet????

kyslp said...

The retired Hooters waitress and Larry The Cable Guy costumes are the best!! I could totally do that - without any enhancements or prosthetics.

Princess of Sarcasm said...

Bree....that's the house across the street from mine! (But yes, my shrubs are still out of control. I swear I have never let them get so bad before!), not wearing the boots yet....but I did think about it today when I had to break out my sweater and switch from AC to heat! Grrrr.

Sue said...

The last picture definitely cracked me up! (Also some of the comments about it!)

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I'm sooo glad you showed me that!! Love the boobies!