Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Princess and the Pack Mule

A couple of weeks while the Prince was in Texas......I had my hands full.......LITERALLY!!

We had lots of running around to do....going to and fro. School, soccer, baseball, school, school, school, doctor, school, soccer, baseball, baseball and some other boring stuff like errands scattered in between.

The running around doesn't bug me so much....but the "toting all the crap around" does.

ESPECIALLY when it involves baseball. I carry two for my camera gear, another backpack with game ball, permanent marker, cell phone, candy and gold dollars for player awards, two freshly sharpened pencils, umbrella just in case (to keep my camera dry), the gianormous score book the Prince bought this season, my camera with the "NASA" lens I rented for a month, and a water bottle.

This week I had to add some of the baseball gear the Prince usually carries to my pack mule....and by pack mule, I mean me.

So we are running back and forth from the soccer fields to the baseball fields because, of course, my youngest heir has two games that overlap. We make a quick stop at the suburban to do the quick change from soccer uniform to baseball. (A whole other blog for another day!!)

And then here I am, struggling to drag all my crap from one side of the complex to the other when both my sweet and thoughtful heirs say, "Mom, can you carry this?" Holding up their water bottles and bat bag....

What do I look like? An octopus?!?!


Sabrina said... look like Wonder Woman!!

kys said...

You need to attach a cart to your back like a good pack mule.

Shell said...

I hear ya!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww see children think moms are super women.... ;)

The Crap Blog Detective said...

If you can't manage looking after your children, why on earh did you have them? Unless they were accidents, I suppose.

It can't be that tough if you have time to blog about it though.

Sabrina said...

The Crap Blog Detective is actually just full of CRAP...hence his name.

SupahMommy said...

LOOK at all your gear!! I bet you could take a pic of me from there!

* smiles camera face

RE-DO I blinked.

* smiles camera face again

I was still laughing this morning about our phone call.

Yes, hi. THis is supah mommy calling.


SupahMommy said...

OK. You're making me do it. I can't stand it.


I wonder if he rated his own blog yet?
Rated S for shoddy.

Wait.. that didn't work out the way I planned.

I imagine it's some FUGLY looking man- who obviously can't get a woman and has SOOO much time on his hands ( or with his hands) TO SPEND "critiquing" OTHERS blogs. While he could be enjoying the finer things in life.. he has instead chosen to go around the blog world and find what he deems ( he has such credentials - 3 followers) crappy blogs. All in disguise. I'm assuming that any male out there worth looking at or listening to.. wouldn't spend his time on such a waste of energy.

His critiques are about as important as Paula Abdul's were on that one show.

I think he should change his blog name.. maybe he'd get some more followers ( 3 and counting) - American Asshole. I bet simon would bend his ass over and make him sing falsetto.

Ok. Dear Princess's MOm and followers. I apologize for the profanity.

Please love me still and excuse Princess as I know that she is a 'Lady' and I am not.


Princess of Sarcasm said... are forgiven....anyone who comes to my defense is always forgiven. *blows kisses*

However, I thought you said to ignore him. (You'd never make it through the torture and interrogation if you were a prisoner of war. LOL) That he was just trying to bait me. He's a Simon Cowell wannabe...except without his charm and actual skills to be a critic.

I know the truth about my family and what I can and can't manage. He's a moron. Who cares what he says. Remember the advice I gave you about your daughter? He's just the bully at the bus stop. If he said the grass was purple....doesn't mean it's true. He can't hurt me with his words if I don't let him. So, I'm scraping his words off the bottom of my shoe.

Your loyalty is much appreciated! I'd want you by my side if I were in a bar fight...except that I'm a lover and not a I'd just step aside and let you take over. K?

SupahMommy said...

You had me at : my friends will come to my rescue.

I couldn't let ya down.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I get it, in fact I live it. First off, why is there so much gear for baseball!! Geez. Blerapy joiner and new follower!!