Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ever wish you didn't have to filter what you say?

Well, do WE have the answer for YOU!!

Extra Extra Read all About it...

have DONE IT!

Not that! This!

Do you have a post that you've been dying to write... but simply can't, because your husband will divorce you, your skeletons are scurry, your MIL will hurt you or you'll get fired...your heart is aching....for one reason or another. 
Now you can.

Blog Therapy= BLeRApy©
coined by Princess

1. write an anonymous post - 
submit it to 


tagline - BLERAPY POST

( all posts will remain anonymous and all confidences will be assuredly kept)
...unless you murdered someone or did something illegal

We'll shut our eyes and send it RIGHT BACK . 

2. be a host - 
if you wrote a post , we need you to host
you will be sent someone else's anonymous post to showcase on your blog
these anony-musings need a safe home

* do not sign up if you cannot handle content that may or may not be your style

3. clear your Friday October 23rd, blog post calendar. 

This will be our first day of Blerapy© This will be the day that you "host a post. "  There will be a MR. Linky on supah and princess's blog... that showcases all blogs hosting a post. You can spend all day reading every one's Anony-musings... as well as look for yours. and * giggle

4. All submissions must be received by 
Wednesday , 12 midnight October 21st.
You will receive your "host a post." by Thursday October 22nd.

Any questions: email 

We're giving it a whirl in hopes that this will answer the prayer for " a place to vent."
If it is successful.. we'll try it every two weeks... and then perhaps we'll create a blog space JUST for BLerAPy©.


SupahMommy said...

Yahhh blerapy. GOing to bed. I actually JUST WROTE MINE! It was cathartic!

xoox ©

mel said...

Can't wait! This will be a new term - as well as blerapist - which I sometimes feel like as well....

SupahMommy said...

blerapist! that's PRICELESS.

you are all too savy. .too savy for supah.

and by the way.. you have a man in a grover costume over there to the left.


kys said...

Great idea! I might play along. I'll have to think about it as I am pretty far behind in blogging and life in general.

Princess of Sarcasm said... must play along with us! Think of all the fun we'll have. Surely you must have something in your life that could use a good thrashing. ;)