Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Chiefy

Today is Chief's birthday.

*insert party horns and streamers*

I am fortunate enough to be friends with some really creative and talented people.

They let me ride their coat tails.

I'm not sure what I offer in return.

But I'm glad they let me tag along.

Here's a video tribute they put together....and stuck my name on.

Chief's Road Trip Song

What do Chiefy's dream of
When they take a little Chiefy Snooze
Do they dream of stabbin lil a$$ midgets
or of people wrapped in Sumo Suits?

But don't you worry your pretty RED head
we're goinna getcha back in hiding and
ignore what Duke said.

And then we're goinna sing you a
Happy Birthday Song
and then we're goinna give you some best friend love.

Chief.. Chieeeeeef.. Oh .. Chieffy CHief Chief..

But if she's been hugged by crazy a$$ readers....

well then we're sh*t outta luck.

Penned By MITTB
Video Work and Singing by Supah Mommy and Patti Labelle.
Awesome Pics We Didn't End Up Using and Idea By Princess

The Hangover was not harmed in the making of this little diddy. We do not own the rights to the song nor the movie.

Don't copy their our sh*t or I'll (Supah) make a movie about you. :)

Everything in purple was copied from Supah....
even though she said not to copy...
But I did because I'm running late for church. 
So I copy/pasted and changed the swear words...
cuz there's no swearing on my blog.
 But you'll have to bleep out Supah's cussy singin' on your own. 
I'm not talented enough to do any of that techie stuff.

Also, I have been without internet access since Friday afternoon. 
Just got it back. 
I've been DYING!!! 
I know you've been wondering where I was. 
(Pretend you noticed.)
Don't worry. 
I plan to blog about it, of course.
But first, I must go to church and give thanks for it.....


Kmama said...

You guys are seriously too much. I love that you all posted it on your blogs.

We did, of course, miss you. Glad you're back!

Shell said...

Totally cracks me up!

Chief said...

YOu are the greatest... with all you bleepity bleeps! We both get to ride the cot tails of the other two... I just can't keep up with their brilliance!

Thanks for the birthday love!

adrienzgirl said...

Happy Birthday to Chief! :D

Mommy is in the Bathroom said...

You bring the class cessy. You bring the class and the feather boas. We're a group of potty mouth hot headed sailors without you:)

And, God forbid you ever kick the bucket early, we'll become the princes harem lmfao.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Y'all are crazy! Cool. But crazy.

Lisa said...

You guys are a hoot! I can't watch the video on the bb!!!! I hate not having internet,I will have it back on the 29th. 5GB's is just not enough. I can read blogs on bb but can't comment on all of them. So I will say Happy Birthday Chief! Here just in case I can't comment at her place.

The Manic Mommy said...

Crackin Mah Sh*t up! You guys are hilarious & of course we missed ya girl!

CountessLaurie said...

Excellent video! Well done.