Monday, January 11, 2010

Most Memorable Birthdays

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It's hard to choose my MOST memorable birthday. 

I've had several good ones in my life complete with the naked barbie in the middle of icing. 

It was CRACK HO BARBIE in her stripping and slathering herself with icing stage so she could get money for coke a sweet, beautiful princess cake....foreshadowing perhaps? (Not the strikethrough part!!!!) 

I also had parties at the skating rink where they always tried to give me boy skates because of my Dorothy Hamill haircut. (It probably didn't help that I refused to dress in frilly, girly clothes either.

And lets not forget the party at McDonald's where my mom invited the meanest boy in the neighborhood who made me cry EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! 

His name was Scottie. 

I hated him. 

He's probably at the state penn right now. 

He insisted on getting in every picture with me. I wish my scanner wasn't on the fritz so that I could scan the pic of him squeezed in beside me in the booth with my Ronald McDonald cake. 

Me, with said Dorothy Hammill haircut (I had it a few years) and my cute little dress my mom made me wear (to McDONALDS!), and Scottie trying to squeeze in the booth beside me for a picture. 

The look on my face surely conveys the terror I have in my soul that he is close enough to kill me. Scottie just smiles an obnoxious smug smile while my mom snaps away on her little 110 film camera. 

I think he had all the parents fooled because on the outside, he was a cute little boy. He had pretty blue eyes (which are probably boring holes through his state psychiatrists today) and platinum blonde hair....ironically in a style very similar to the Dorothy Hammill style mine was. (It was all the rage back then.) 

Though I'm sure he probably thought it was the Scott Baio cut.

Oh, and btw, Scottie was his REAL NAME! I didn't change his to protect him. So if you see him, feel free to get vengeance for me. (Though I am sure someone in prison has given him a new "Sweet Cheeks" now.)

But back to the original most MEMORABLE (in a good way) was my first 29th birthday.

Shut up.

I can have as many 29th birthdays as I want.

*sticks tongue out*

I woke up that morning and prepared to go to work. The Prince told me I didn't have to go in that day because it was my birthday. I smiled and gave him a little kiss and said "Yeah, right! I wish!"

He insisted, "No, really. I called your boss and got you the day off."

Me: "Huh? No you didn't, did you?"

Prince: "Yep. And I need you to pack a bag. Bring your swimsuit and a coat." (It was the south.) 

Me: again..."Huh?"

So I finally gave in and rolled with it. I packed a bag with ridiculously unrelated items for cold and warm weather. Of course, this is all after I snuck the cordless phone in the bathroom and called my boss to make sure he really arranged for me to have the day off.

We got in the car and headed to the next town over. The prince pulled the car into the Hyatt. 

Prince: "Here we are."

Me: "Bull baloney."

Prince: "No really. This is where we are going."

Me: "There's no way on God's green earth you'd spend money for a hotel this close to home!" (We were poor at the time.)

Prince: "I swear! We're staying here!"

I stayed in the car until he came back with the room keys. 

So anyway, making a long story not quite as long. We get dressed and head to dinner just a block or so away at a local comedy dinner theater. When we walk in the hostess takes our names and says, "Oh, you are the last to arrive." I don't think anything of it, since I am very used to being the "last to arrive." (Punctuality has never been my thing.)

We walk in to the dimly lit room and she leads us to a long table full of people. Hmmm...I guess we sit with other people....Amish style.

Except that I KNEW all these people! 

The prince had successfully pulled off a surprise party for my (first) 29th birthday! I had NO CLUE the entire time. It was a great show with great friends. We ended up all over downtown that evening and I was glad we could just walk back to the hotel when it was all over. 

And this, my friends, is just one of the 4,216,375,839,526 reasons why I love my prince.

I'll save the story about how I reciprocated his kind gesture by accidentally throwing a surprise party for my collegiate football playing prince and all his collegiate football player buddies at a GAY BAR for another day......


Travis said...

You are truly one lucky and unlucky Dorothy Hamill Princess!

They need to invent a sarcasm font, just so you can do all your posts in it.

Thank you for sharing today, rookie!

Shell said...

What a fabulous birthday! I wonder if I could leave this up on my screen with a "HINT HINT" post-it on it...nah, Hubs still wouldn't get it.

Daffy said...

He is a sweet prince! Lucky you!!!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

How sweet!! I'm lucky if mine remembers when mine is...

Ed Adams said...

Scottie sounds HOT.

I wish I had known him in prison, instead of that big black fella.

Kat said...

OH man! You MUST be married to a relative of MY man :) Good for you! I can't wait to read about the Gay Bar birthday some other time...

Just Another Momma said...

That sounds like fun. What a prince!!

Meeko Fabulous said...

Puffin threw me a a surprise party for my last birthday . . . When I walked in and everyone shouted SURPRISE! I came back with, "I have to poop". I went upstairs. Cried a little, pooped a little, and threw up a little. I don't remember the order at the moment . . . But yea . . . I don't fair very well with surprise parties . . . LoL! B-day party at a gay bar??? Can't wait to read that one! LoL! ;)

Tracie said...

Look at you getting all fancy with your double meme participation.

That sounds like a very sweet surprise.....I want to hear about the gay bar!

Kmama said...

What a great birthday!! Jdaddy has yet to surprise me, and I don't think he will. I told him I was skipping his surprises, because all his buddies got surprise b-day parties on their 30th b-days and I wasn't going to do that.

I can't wait to read about the surprise party you threw him at a gay bar. HYSTERICAL!

kys said...

What a nice prince you have!

My husband's surprise will be if he ever actually remembers my birthday and buys me a present.

VandyJ said...

Just goes to show that guys do get it right sometimes. Surprise parties rock.

Margaret said...

What a great guy you have over there!

LMJ said...

aawww...your Prince is so sweet!!

i loved the Dorothy Hamill cut. My head is too flat to pull it off, though.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

He does sound like a prince. And isn't it amazing how similar the Dorothy Hamlin & Scott Baio haircuts are? Can't wait to hear about the party at the other bar.

Amber said...

Thats a fun surprise!

I can't wait to hear the other story!

Tricia said...

AWWWW!! How sweet!!!

Also, I TOTALLY CANNOT WAIT for the gay bar story . . . please don't hold out on us for too long!!!

And thanks for stopping by my place today :) I love yours and will definitely subscribe!

MommyBrain said...

Now, that's my kind of surprise and my kind of prince ;)

Oh, and I had all three of those parties as a kid ... barbie in the cake, skating rink, and Mickey D's - minus the stalker :) Good times, good times

MommyBrain said...

Now, that's my kind of surprise and my kind of prince ;)

Oh, and I had all three of those parties as a kid ... barbie in the cake, skating rink, and Mickey D's - minus the stalker :) Good times, good times

The Blue Zoo said...

That sounds like an awesome birthday!! Cant wait to hear about eh gay bar!! LOL

SupahMommy said...

u very well might be red carpet worthy with your 80's stalker.


double dippin..
yer lucky i joined up with him too...

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

ooo scottie. lol. love. it.

Evonne said...

That was so sweet!

Can your prince come talk to mine? I have a b'day coming up and that would be an awesome gift!

I want to hear the gay bar story!

Maven said...

I have always wanted a surprise party *deep languishing sigh* but unfortunately the man in my life is not quite so princely as your prince :-)

I REALLY enjoyed this.

(and that's not just the jealously talking)

~Mave from A Fabulously Good Life

Miss Mel said...

This. is. awesome!

Proud Nana said...

..I was thinking about your "Sweet Sixteen" dance party complete with Sparklers on your cake! Ms. Betty thought we would burn down the building!..and you had to dance with your dad! Remember your date? Of course you was only..a few years ago ;)

Alex said...


How awesome is your man.

Lynn said...

I love this memory of yours!
*First 29th*

Anonymous said...

Thank u :) check out this emo boy hair over this blog: