Monday, January 25, 2010

My dirty little (not so) secret....

Hello. My name is Princess and I am an addict.

I know, I know...we all are addicted to something.

I've dealt with many addictions in my life.

Diet Coke (a daily struggle)

M&M's (mmmmmmm...)

Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts (I kicked this one!)

Target (I replaced it with FaceCrack.)

FaceCrack (I replaced it with blogging.)

Why can't I be like all my skinny b*tches friends and be addicted to exercise?! 

Oh...yeah....I hate exercise. 
That might have something to do with it.

I had an Earth shattering experience this week. 
In Tuesday's post it notes I talked about getting a new laptop. 

*insert "ooohs" and "ahhhhs"*

I'm a little on the anal thorough side, so it took me a while to make my final decision. 
And still, I second guessed it the whole time I was writing my check. 

(Kidding MIITB ! I promise I did NOT write a check!)

I got home on Friday and pulled the sleek little machine out of the box. 
I almost peed my pants giggled out loud from being giddy. 

Finally the prince will have his own laptop and stop absconding with mine. I mean, normal druggies don't share their crack, do they?

(I'm assuming they do not. I've never actually seen crack in person...just on Cops.)

For those of you who don't know me, I'm not really the tech genius I appear to be.

(STOP LAUGHING! It hurts my feelings.....)

But ever since my father gave me my first VCR when I was a teenager and told me I could have it if I figured out how to hook it up, I have always tried to learn new things on my own. I'm the one in my house who hooks up all the electronics and such. The prince probably doesn't even know how to download iTunes. I always do it.

(Also, I have never had a flashing clock on the VCR. Mine was ALWAYS set.)

When we bought my MacBook (my first laptop), we hired Geek Squad to come set everything up. We got the Time Capsule which is an Apple device that doubles as a wireless router and an automatic wireless back up hard drive. The transition to Mac was overwhelming enough. I didn't want the stress of setting it all up too. I need my internet to google everything these how to use a Mac. It's my on-line school.

But this time, I figured, "It can't be that hard. I'll get this new pc hooked up to the Apple wireless myself."

Did I mention that sometimes I act like a man and don't read the instructions first?

That's right. I just started clicking things and using the trial and error method.

Guess what?


I disconnected both computers from the internet!

I couldn't even get internet using the ethernet cord!!


Please, someone shoot. me. now.

I decided to give up on it and wait until I was of fresh mind to try again.

But now what?

I tried to watch whatever show the Prince was watching. (Yawn.)

I tried reading a real book with actual pages. 

I eventually gave up and went to bed....early. 

The Prince was in shock. 

The real kind. 

Where you need blankets and stuff...and possibly medical attention.

Saturday morning was really busy. I didn't get a chance to get back to it until late that afternoon. I punched buttons, clicked links, plugged and unplugged, reset, made best friends with the operator from my internet company's support team after an hour on the phone troubleshooting, and tried everything including reading the directions. (Which didn't really help AT ALL!) 

But eventually, I got it back! And on both laptops at the same time! 

It was a pure and total accident, but who's complaining?



So what did I really learn from all this?

I learned that the world will not stop spinning on it's axis if I miss anything on email, facebook or twitter. I learned that I will not self combust if I'm behind on reading blogs. 

I learned that sleeping for 9 hours feels kind of good every once in a while. 

I learned that you didn't even notice I was disconnected, but that some of you are nice enough to lie about it and tell me that you did.

So what now?

Do I go back and try to catch up with all the things I missed on blogs and facebook? 


I'm just starting fresh today.

If you need me, I'll be right here with my diet coke and m&m's....and of course, my beloved Mac. 


Margaret said...

Gotta love the Macs. I always make my brother mess with mine so that I don't break it and what not.

Peterson Family said...

Great post! I took a one day break from it all a week or so ago..and it felt good to come back fresh and ready!

I don't read directions on stuff either...and I screw a lot of stuff up that way! LOL

Evonne said...

I'm guilty of not reading the instructions either. And I did notice you were MIA. Welcome back!

On a side note, I went to the store with my friend the other night. She wrote a check for her $12 purchase. WTH?!?

The Blue Zoo said...

At least you finally got it figured out. If I had attempted it - it would have been unfixable!

SupahMommy said...

so you missed that email from me that told you i was giving you 1 million dollars.

Working Mommy said...

MAC, eh?? I just can't make that kind of jump...I'll always be a PC!!


(PS - Glad you're back!)

Kmama said...

LOL at Supah's comment!!

Welcome I said before. And I DID SO realize you were gone. hmph!

So the Prince has the PC and you have your Mac?

I just picked up my Windows 7 disk and MS office 2008 for Mac from my IT department today. I can't wait to load them when I get home tonight!!!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I get my kids to work on my stuff.

LMJ said...


I was addicted to M&M's and strawberry pop tarts.

Amber said...

I did so notice you were missing! I'm glad your back now though! :)

Heather @ Two Little Monkeys said...

Glad you got the new pc online. I gave up when I got mine and had to call my sister in law for backup and do it for me.

Bryce said...

Did you try the power button?

adrienzgirl said...

Happy accidents are the best! Glad to hear, as a fellow addict, that you got your fix, fixed! :)

Sunday said...

I definitely noticed your absence...I was counting the minutes until you would re-enter the techie world and grace us with your tweets and divine bloggedness.
Okay, not really...but that I probably because I was pretty much out of the loop all weekend too.
Glad you're back now, though! :-)

Ed Adams said...

I missed ya, POS.

I could tell that something was wrong because I had a feeling that the universe had tilted and ........

Okay, I'm lying. I was gone myself.

But, if I had been here, I would have noticed.

Erin said...

MmMmmmm, what could be better than DIet Coke & M & Ms??!!?!? I quiet Diet Coke a few months ago---hardest thing I've ever done. Well, besides exercise. Figured out Diet Coke was giving me bad stomach pains. Too bad sugar and carbs don't do the same, might be easier to give those up, too!!!

Kat @ said...

DO you think it's worse to be addicted to Diet Cokes or actual Happy Hour libations? Probably the former.

So, I'm confused... did you just get ANOTHER Mac? You mention PC in there...? Anywho, I just transitioned to the "other side" about 10 months ago and got a Mac... I'll NEVER go back to PCs.

So glad I came across your site! I'd love any feedback you have about mine!

Mrs. Lovely said...

My husband and I each have our own PC laptops and he has a Mac laptop. Once when I had to send my laptop away to have the motherboard replaced (thru warranty), I used his Mac for like 2 - 3 weeks. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, but I'm a PC girl, just am. :) And M&Ms? Can't go wrong with those!

Maven said...


Life without a computer - did you have the DT's??

Cute blog - I really enjoyed it :-)

Kat said...

Oh Lord, I could not go without my computer. I mean, even if I'm not on it, I like to look at it from across the room and know it's there...waiting...just beckoning me. Because it misses my touch. :)

Wym said...

Diet I love thee. I wish I had a Mac. I am pounding away on a Dell and hating it...

Adoption of Jane said...

I noticed! Only because I'm in the new stages of blogging where I stalk all the "cracka me up" people!

Homesick Cajun said...

I'm the same way! I'll work on something until I figure it out! Booya to geek squad!!

Ashley Diane said...

Oh- I am addicted to Target and Blogging. :) Man, that store can MOVE some clearance items! Love it.

Bonehead said...

I've been known to stay up all night if I had a computer issue I needed to rectify.

Of course, those nights were made easier because my wife always shared her crack with me ;)

Great post!

Kimi@SoManyKids... said...

I'd have been curled up in a ball crying. Okay not really. I'm pretty addicted to the net but I manage okay for a day or so without it.

Tracie said...

My internet died on my yesterday and didn't come back on until this afternoon....I was almost in shock and needing blankets and things!

But I did have a nice afternoon/evening/morning with my family (when I wasn't worrying about all of the stuff I was going to have to catch back up on from the time the internet was down)

I'll swap all of my brown M&Ms for your green ones =)