Thursday, January 7, 2010

Open Letter to Al Gore...

Dear Mr. Gore,

First off, I would like to take this time to thank you soooo much for inventing the internet. It is such a useful tool and I have been able to reconnect with friends, shop, send pictures to my mother in law, fix stuff via Google, watch Desperate Housewives online after realizing the prince cancelled my tivo recording, and all kinds of other really neat stuff. You have changed my life, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

However, I do have an issue with you.

See, I've been working with you on this global warming problem.

Here's a short list of things I've been doing to help.

  • changed some most all of my lightbulbs to those efficient florescent ones.
  • recycled my beer bottles diet coke cans.
  • reused my grocery bags for luggage.
  • carpooled
  • bought really expensive front loaders that don't wash my clothes any better than my old top loader
  • installed programmable thermostats
  • replaced my filters on my a/c.
  • bought energy star appliances
I'm sure there's some other stuff I've done like staying at home reading blogs instead of driving my gas guzzling SUV Toyota Prius around town which has surely made a real difference. Oh, and don't forget that I have been willing to wear my furry boots, not because they are awesome and look super cute, but because I am trying not to turn the heat up higher.

So with all this hard work I've been doing............


I think I'd rather go back to the warming thing, if you don't mind. So from here on out, I will not be complying with your pleas to stop contributing to the greenhouse gases and such. If you have any questions, I can be found under a pile of 13 blankets. Look for the furry boots sticking out.

Respectfully and Freezing,



Jenn said...

That was cute.

I've done all of the stuff on your list to, and I have to's not working out for me either. The wind chill here is 20*. I know it's worse up north, but that's why WE DON'T LIVE UP NORTH for chrissake.

Shell said...


We're supposed to get snow here in NC- the stores are crazy with people stocking up on milk and bread. Schools have already been delayed for tomorrow and will probably cancel...even though we'll probably only get 1/4"

Amber said...

It is worse up here! lol :)

Lets see right now it's blowing and drifting snow. I almost got stuck 3 or 4 times coming home from my aunts house (around the corner) and My jeans and now sopping wet because there is so much freaking snow! Can I come live with you till it's gone? I need warmth. :)

Sunday said...

That was priceless! I especially like the part about being under 13 blankets with your furry boots sticking out.
Here in Maryland it is supposed to start snowing tonight and then not get out of the 20s for the next few days through the weekend.

Evonne said...

Where's the petition to bring back global warming? I'm freezing and more snow is NOT helping the situation!

Ed Adams said...

Al Gore is a lying bitch.

Besides, I was really looking forward to Indiana becoming the NEW tropics.

Instead, it's becoming the new Canada. And NOBODY wants that, eh?

LMJ said...

LOL!! I hate the cold; bring back the warm!!!

I too am doing everything on your list (except for the Prius part--I drive a big ass SUV as well--what can I say? I'm claustrophobic and small cars make me stop breathing).

None of it is working for me, either. my energy bills are still really high!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this as I sit here freezing my arse off!

Chief said...

I hope this works for you Cessy... Can't you just do what we do in UTAH and turn up the heat and wear a coat though?

Oh, and I hope we can still be friends when I tell you I think that Global warming is joke

*ducks head to avoid the flying tiara*

I still use the special lightbulbs cuz they last longer though

and recycle

but Al Gore is a nutcluck and Im not sure he is literate enough to be able to read such an eloquent letter

(The blue republican has left the building)

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

That was priceless!! It is FREEZING here too. I am thinking the world must be coming to an end when you have to cover your plants outside in Houston and it snowed here this year.

Cary Harris said...

This is my favorite princess blog yet!

Wym said...

Word sister! its frigggggggin cold. I travel to Colorado in 4 days. It was -5 there today.

Kmama said...

As soon as i saw your title, I knew exactly what it was going to say. I think my parents would love to add their name to the bottom of your letter. They mention stuff like that DAILY. LOL Great letter.

Link up with Foursons ( tomorrow, as she hosts her Letters of Intent carnival. It's perfect for it!!

SupahMommy said...

How dare you .

I live in an eco house made of grass , dung and hay .. and you .. you with your black soul suv and furry boots ... have just erased all my efforts.

Poolside with the Girls said...

Al invented global warming, not the internet! (despite his claims to the contrary)

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I'm wondering where the hell my global warming is too!

Maven said...


Yah, it's pretty hard to fathom global warming in weather like this!

Sabrina said...

I knew you would b!t6h about the cold, and I knew it would be hysterical!! I love that I can count on you :)

Foursons said...

First off- congrats on 100 followers! Woohoo!

This letter cracks me up. I had forgotten that Al Gore invented the internet. How come he hasn't gotten the Nobel Peace Prize yet? Bawahahaha

Your scratch outs made me crack up every single time. Genius, pure genius.

Are they really predicting another Ice Age? Lovely.

Thanks for linking up, I love laughing first thing in the morning!

TheRixonFive said...

love it! =)

And yeah ... Global Warming my ___!
There are rumors of possible snow here, this weekend. I LIVE IN FLORIDA!!!!!!

I'm your new follower!

kys said...

I used to be a Baptist and I think I heard something about fire and brimstone. I'm thinking they were mistaken and it's snow, ice and screaming children. Cuz this sure feels like hell to me.

Brandi said...

Yep, you hit the nail on the head with that one. We have a high of 47 today... in FL! I'm freakin' freezing!

Tracie said...

Today...we will be in the 20s....and I live in central Florida!! There is rumors of snow tomorrow....snow!!! Insane!

I'm not sure about the whole global warming thing anyway...but I do use the funky-twisty lightbulbs....after I drive to the store in my SVU to pick them up! Just sayin'

We can all come over later and bring you more blankets...maybe a snow hat with a built in tiara. Ice Age clothing fit for a princess!

Just Stacy said...

Great letter! I have a complaint about the energy saver bulbs ... why have I had to replace 2 already that have burnt out? In my basement ... where I spend the least amount of time in my house that I've only lived in for 6 months? hmmm ... faulty bulbs or money trappin myths??


Corrie Howe said...

Yep. Done all these things too. Lucky for me I'm hotflashing so I've been staying warm.

Rachel said...

Can I sign this too? Pretty please?

Cuz this freezing global warming is driving me nuts too.

Though I somehow doubt Mr. Gore is nearly as chilly in his 75million kilowatthour slurping mansion with the heated pool...

(great letter!)