Monday, December 14, 2009

Five People I'd like to swing a golf club at.....FORE!!

Five people I'd like to swing a golf club at.....this is the challenge issued by SupahMommy ....which was totally MY idea...even though she gave Chief the initial credit. 

But never fear, I spent 30 minutes searching through a gazillion emails until I found the proof...and sent it to her.....not that it really matters who gets the credit. 

*Ahem*'s my list: 

5. The makers of Chocolate Chip Poptarts...aka Princess's Cracktarts.

I wish I had never put one in my mouth....ever.

I love, love, love chocolate chip poptarts. I had to quit buying them altogether. 

My poor youngest heir loves them too.....but he has to make due with chocolate fudge, s'mores, chocolate chip cookie dough....none of which I am tempted by. 

On another there any difference between serving poptarts or a Hershey bar for breakfast?

I'm thinking probably not....

4. The Crap(py) Blog Detective. 

I will not post a link to this dipwad's blog, nor will I scarf a pic of him and draw devil horns on it. 

I beg of you not to go try to find his blog and up his viewership stats at all. 

He is a miserable little man who surfs blogs and writes unfounded, stupid, irrelevant, and rude comments. 

My opinion of him (and yes, this is my professional therapist opinion) is that he is a lonely, loveless, miserable, loser prick. 

I think he has a stupid (crap) blog where his only visitors are people who he said ugly things to and they find his blog and defend themselves  call him names  cuss him out comment back. 

There are some other words I have for him, but I'm bored talking about him already.

3.  Politicians....every single last one of them....the ones I voted for and the ones I didn't vote for. 

They are all letting us down. 

Surely this is not the way George Washington was.....or was it? 

I don't feel that there is one single politician who is truly working "for the people." 

They do, however, work for their own agenda.

2. Spencer Pratt....I really feel like this one needs NO explanation. 

If it him. I'm sure there's enough said about him on the interwebz to prove my selection is a worthy one.

1. Tiger Woods himself. explanation needed...unless you live under a rock.


Shell said...

My kids have only had poptarts like once in their little lives. I think the whole box was gone in about 2 minutes, so I haven't bought them again. My little guys eat like they are already teenagers.

I had that guy leave a comment on my blog once...he had me rolling my eyes. What a moron.

Evonne said...

I haven't been graced by the crap detective yet, but I've read his comments. Definite loser!

Love the pic of Tiger, and yes, Chocolate chip poptarts are a yummy equivalent to crack.

Moonjava said...

Sorry to hear about the crappy blogger! I guess I haven't seen that one in particular though.

Good pic of Tiger!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I am dying over that picture of Tiger. Heesterical!

MaeRae said...

Chocolate anything...who was cracked up on what to decide to eat it and cause the rest of us to have that addiction?

Kmama said...

Tiger was m #1 as well.

Cracktarts. LOL Buddy has a "hot fudge sundae" poptart every single morning. I love the Chocolate Chip cookie dough ones, but I haven't tried the chocolate chip ones. I guess I better not.

Jessica said...

Amen! I love this idea, whether it was yours, Chiefs, or mine...even though we all know it was yours.

Just Another Momma said...

What a great picture of Tiger. If she didn't already do it, I say Elin should do it.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Now I'm curious about the blog detective person thing . . . LoL!

SupahMommy said...

dude she is HOT.. why would that numskull cheat on her.. oh wait.. HE'S A DUDE.

And spencer.. he's fOLLOWING ME ON TWITTEr. I'LL PASS your message.

Heather @ Two Little Monkeys said...

My son is addicted to the cookie dough pop tarts. And Spencer is a huge douche! I cant stand him and his creepy flesh colored beard =)

Epiphius said...

The only bad thing about clubbing Spencer Pratt would be that he gets more publicity for being a media whore. But yeah, otherwise...

Amber said...

I love that pic of Tiger! Spencer is such a loser!

P.S. Left you a message on Twitter so make sure to check that tonight :D

Chief said...

So this is why Supah totally emailed me the convo we had where she commented on my IRL name.

she claimed I said you get credit and she said it was her idea. I think she might have cried a little

Erin said...

I am high fiving you on Spencer Pratt and Tiger especially, but the rest are good, too. I've never tried the chocolate pop tarts, and now I know I should steer clear to avoid an addiction!

carissajaded said...

I haven't heard of this guy but i'm sorry he's such an ass hole!! I definitely will not give him the google search.

I would also like to hit pop tarts with a golf club. I blame them for 10 lbs...

christy said...

Wow, I thought I was at the wrong house at first! Very colorful....
Me likey.