Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Not a Party 'til Somebody Cries

Our youngest heir has the dreaded "Christmas birthday." We always try to make sure he doesn't get short changed....which means we tend to go overboard. Ever since he was 3 years old, he has been begging for a dirt bike.

Me: " can't get a dirt bike when you don't even know how to ride a bike without training wheels!"

Heir, the younger: "Why?"

Me: "Cuz dirt bikes don't have training wheels!!"

The little heir didn't give up his dream. In fact, he learned to ride his bike without training wheels when he was 4. 

Heir: *rides bike up street*

Me: *screams, yells, claps, like  a complete idiot proud mama*

Heir: "Yay! Can we go get my dirt bike now?"

Me: "Huh? NO! I didn't say you could have a dirt bike when you learned to ride your bike. I said you couldn't have a dirt bike if you can't even ride without training wheels!"

*insert crushed look on his sweet little angelic face*

It's been over 2 years and the little heir has not given up his dream. The prince finally wore me down talked me in to letting him have one for his birthday this year.

When my little man turned the corner of the garage and saw his little red Honda sitting in the driveway, he was speechless. He just stood there frozen looking at it. It took several minutes for him to realize it was not a dream. We were all very excited. There's no better feeling than making your kids' fantasies come true.

After getting suited up complete with helmet, boots, knee pads, elbow pads and 40 yards of bubble wrap, little heir was ready to give it a try! 

Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned....unless the menu was a slight wreck with a side of tears....yeah, not quite the magical experience I was looking for...

Disclaimer: Now before you judge me for not running over there to check on him like the prince....let me tell you that this boy cries at EVERYTHING from a gash in his forehead to a hangnail. So I've learned to wait until I see blood until I react. Otherwise, the hysteria is worse.

We probably should have spent a little more time working on how to use the brakes.......

*insert little boy crying and saying he does NOT want to get on the dirt bike again*

Prince & Princess: "You're fine. Take a deep breath. I don't see anything in your eye. Quit crying. Calm down. No, your eye is fine. Stop crying. You need to get back on and try again. It's okay. We told you that you would fall some. You're wearing all kinds of safety gear. You're not hurt. Suck it up! Stop crying. Dry it up and get back on that bike!!!

Heir: "But my eye is really hurtinggggggg!!!"

Prince & Princess: "You're fine! Get back on that bike. Do you want us to take it back and get you some legos?!"

*insert hesitation before he answers*

Heir: "No, I want my dirt bike." (said in quiet, unsure voice)

Prince & Princess: "Well then you better get back on it right now!!"

This went on for quite a while.

When we were out looking at dirt bikes and making decisions, we had big dreams. He was going to get on the bike and ride all over the yard smiling from ear to ear while I took pictures and video of his glorious moment. 

He ended up riding it a tiny bit more before we left for dinner, but only under protest. 

Later, at dinner, I noticed his eye was a little red and starting to get puffy. GREAT! Just my luck! He's going to get a shiner!!!! 

I was so relieved when he woke up without a black eye, but I am sure his 6th birthday will be a topic he will discuss in his future therapy sessions when he blames stuff on me......I just hope he remembers his daddy was there too!

Tune in next year when parents of the year we get him a death machine four wheeler with a new accident and dismemberment insurance policy racing helmet for his 7th birthday....


Heather @ Two Little Monkeys said...

Happy birthday Prince! That is a awesome dirt bike.

Kmama said...

OMG, I'm totally laughing at the "parents of year" thing you said at the end. So funny!!

I was also thinking that your neighbors are going to LOVE you so much for that wonderful gift of noise. LOL

Happy birthday little heir!

carissajaded said...

Man can I have one too!!! And look at him, gettin back on it!! You're such a good mommmy!! happy birthday to your little boy!!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to you little one! The gift is fantastic and pretty soon you won't be able to get him off of it.

christy said...

I can totally relate. We bought my son a four wheeler 2 years ago!
Happy Birthday little man!

Jenn said...

Dude. McKenna's dateofbirth is two days after Christmas. That sucks.

This post reminded me of A Christmas Story...Like you kept telling your heir that "he'll lose a leg" if he has a dirt bike.

Meeko Fabulous said...

I'll have to catch the videos when I get home. Damn work filters . . . Can you adopt me? ;)

Jennie said...

Aubrey let Michael ride a dirt bike when he was 4 and he promptly crashed the bike into our friend's garage. He had to have 6 stitches in his chin and all of the emergency room doctors came by to meet the 4 year old dirt bike crash victim. I still can't believe they didn't call DSS...

Your guy looks super cool on his new ride!

Shell said...

He looks so first, anyway. Birthdays this month are hard. Though I like to say that I'm not a Christmas slacker, I'm simply waiting until Monkey's birthday is over to turn the focus to Christmas.

susancy said...

Both my nieces have December birthdays. It makes for an expensive month. What is it with you people and March anyway??

From now on, whenever you do anything above and beyond the call of duty as a mommy, tell them to remember it when they're 30 and sitting in a therapist's office. You have to point out the good stuff so it doesn't get overshadowed! ;)

SupahMommy said...



* what in goodness gracious ( that was g version) is UP WITH YOUR LAWN? and WHY do you need a golf cart in your garage?
hop on it and come visit.. i'll see you in 3 months.


Chief said...

Mother of the year!

Midday Escapades said...

Well, he did ask for the bike right? We all need therapist fodder and now he's set.

BTW - you just never know when the dream turns big.

kys said...

Happy Birthday Prince! You guys are so lucky to have that much space to ride around.

MaeRae said...

Oh that was would be my luck to so the same thing.

Miss. Candy said...

Love it!! We got my son one this past year too. My poor son also suffers from a December birthday! I rode when I was kid and thought I would try it out before he did. Well back in my day all was thumb throttle and not twist! So I got on and next thing I knew I was doing a wheelie and was the first one to crash and burn on it!! My son has forbidden me to touch it!! lol!

nikkiredding78 said...

OK princess about the four wheeler for next year..... Chandler and Easton both got one for Christmas 2 years ago. We thought it was a great idea because we have 20 acres for them to ride on. Well they still travel too close to the road, and while Chandler has only flipped his once and gave his sister a broken nose, Easton has flipped his more than I can count. I no longer watch them ride. Thats a dad thing now because my heart won't take it.

Erin said...

Happy Birthday to your cutie patootie! December birthdays do kinda suck--my kiddos turned 4 a few days ago, too.

I am LMAO re: "parents of the year!"