Friday, December 18, 2009

Nightmare in Santa Land.....

Brilliant as I am, I decide to take the kids to the mall to see Santa last night...(a Thursday night in case you're not reading this on Friday. Cuz I would NEVER take my kids to try to see Santa on the weekend. THAT would be just nuts!!!)

 I'm thinking its a good idea since all the good parents are at home with their children doing homework, getting baths and tucking their children into bed at a decent hour. 

But we've already established that I'm not a good parent...right? ☜ Click there if you need further proof. (Is it wrong that I still laugh at those videos?)

The prince was out of town hunting with his new BFF who saved him from having to go to Delaware for work. Seems like they concocted some story about a group hunting trip with all kinds of big wigs, movers and shakers, and CEO's of companies that the prince's boss is drooling over. 

The prince is just drooling over getting to call this work....

So since the prince is not what one would call a "steward of patience"...I decided to go ahead and take the boys to see Santa without him....that and I'm not sure how long the heirs can pull off this "good boy" act they've been failing at working on.

So we head to the mall just before 5 o'clock. 

I'm thinking the stay-at-home-moms are rushing back from the mall to Little Caesars home to cook dinner and the working mom's are still on their way home from work. 


I'm so brilliant. 

My plan is working as I round the corner coming out of Macy's. 

What do I see? 

A tiny little line!!! 


I feel like I've cracked Davinci's code...

....until I find out they've closed the line and Santa is about to take a one hour break!!! 

Whaaaaa?!?! A break?! 

You take a break from December 26 until sometime around Halloween Thanksgiving!!!!!  

And it's not like you are doing anything!!! 

You are sitting your big a big comfy chair!!! 

Seriously Santa...a break?! Really? 

It's enough to make a person want to become Jewish.

And the guy at the kiosk beside "Santa's House" with the #!@* remote control helicopters....thanks for adding something else to my kids lists when I have no more school days to shop. 

Not cool, dude. Not cool. 

On a positive note...thanks to my smart phone, I've written my entire blog post while standing in line....though the typing on this thing is waaaay slower than my laptop.... (Grrrrrrr.) But at least it helped me kill some time. 

I guess I'll just play bubble breaker now....till my battery gives out....

Here is a Santa pic my friend sent me....bless their sweet little hearts...


Shell said...

I tried that last year, too- going on a weekday night and I think we ended up in line for 2 hours or so. It was insane! Hope you at least got a good pic.

MaeRae said...

That is just not right. YEARS back, I was the person taking your pictures and we would NEVER take a break with kids in line. So much for good customer service these days!

Heather @ Two Little Monkeys said...

I was out at the mall the other day and there was no Santa, really?? I think he was hiding in Macy's or at the pretzel! I know he wasn't at Zales getting me that necklace I wanted.

Just Another Momma said...

We had to stop doing the Santa thing. It's just to insane and the kids are getting older and mommy was getting less patient waiting in line for a hour to see Santa. They'd get there and then be too shy so, I'm mean and horrible but we don't visit him anymore. Funny thing is the kids don't really care?

Kmama said...

That's exactly why we don't do Santa at the mall. My small podunk town has their own Santa and Santa house. If Buster can stop puking, we're going to try to go there tonight.

Margaret said...

That would totally suck! I would be so mad.

I love the new layout!

Evonne said...

That's why we try to avoid the mall Santa. Well, that and it costs an arm and a leg for a picture. And they won't let you take your own without buying theirs first. WTH?!?

That's awesome you can blog from your phone. I'm a little jealous now!

kys said...

I am so glad that we don't do Santa. And I'm avoiding the mall till at least January 5th.