Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mission Eva

Here it is!! 

The post you have been waiting for! 

The one about my encounter with 

the one, 

the only, 

the lovely 

Mrs. Eva Longoria Parker!!!!

Lord knows, I blogged about my pre-eminent stalking meeting enough. 

If you missed it previously...

click here and here .

So the night begins like this... 

We cram load up the whole famdamily (ours and my BIL's gaggle of children) in a Suburban and a rented piece of crap Cherokee and start our pilgrimage from New Braunfels to San Antonio. 

We are all excited because my favorite brother-in-law in the whole wide world (also the only one who may or may not read my blog) scored us 12th row tickets behind the Spurs bench. 


All the kids were excited, especially mine. 

They are huge Spurs fans and have never seen them play on their home court. 

They even bought new jerseys to wear to the game. 

I'm excited because I'm anticipating awesome pics of the boys so close to the court and their idols.....and yes, crazy fan access to Eva. 

The last time the prince went to a game with his brother, they were sitting within spitting distance of her....not that I was planning on spitting on her...but then again, I  can't guarantee a thing.

We get to the arena...traffic was not bad. 

We have awesome parking passes that let us park right at the door. (Have I mentioned how much I love my BIL?) 

We all stop at the door with our tickets in hand. The security nazi guard asks to flash his little sissy flashlight in my purse. 

Princess: "Sure." *unzips purse*

Punk Security guard: "I'm sorry ma'am. You can't take that camera in."

Princess: "Whaaaaaaaaaa??"

Punk Security Guard: *points stupid little baby flashlight to sign that says "No cameras with detachable lenses."*

Princess: "This little 'ol thing? I didn't even bring my big lens! It fits inside my medium sized purse for heaven's sake!"

Security Punk: "Sorry ma'am. It has a detachable lens. Not allowed."

Princess: "But the only reason I brought it is because my little camera takes grainy pics in low light. I just want pics of my boys in the arena."

(Dear Lord, it was not THIS lens I used for the boys sports this fall. It was a lens that was so wimpy it couldn't have taken a picture of action inside the arena that wouldn't have looked like anything other than a blur of colors.....shoot, it probably couldn't have even won a fight with his teeny weeny little flashlight.)

Security Nazi: "Sorry ma'am. I could care less if you want to get pictures of your boys who came half way across the country to see their first game at the Spurs home court, you cannot bring that camera in." 

(No, I am NOT putting words in his mouth. That's EXACTLY what I heard him say!)

Princess: *in tears* "But I didn't bring my little camera with me!" 

Mean 'ol Security jerk: *stands there with apathetic look on his face*

So I walked back to the car to leave my camera. 

I am terribly upset. 

What a stupid rule. But I am a rules follower. My mother taught me well. 


I did NOT open my purse up very Princess like. 

And I did NOT say thank you as I walked through the gate without my camera. 

All I'm thinking about is all the missed photo ops of my boys having the time of their lives......and Eva.....



How will I ever document our encounter?

How will I get a pic of me with her to make as my facebook profile picture.......and tag her in it so she can use it too....cuz I'm sure she's been following my blog and is looking forward to meeting me...

We get to our seats and THEY ARE AWESOME!! I take a couple of awful pics of the boys with my cell phone....which turn out way grainier than my small little crappy camera would have done.

My happy boys.

My boys and their cousin J (on left). Future draft pics fo sho! (Do they draft water boys?)

....minus their super cool college cousin who wouldn't be caught dead taking a pic with all these goofy children unless a hot girl thought it was sweet....

As expected, the boys have the time of their life. 

They are so stinking cute they make it onto the jumbo tron with their cousin J. 

All the while, I'm eyeballing Eva's seat....waiting for her to arrive.

Guess what....

she's a NO SHOW!!

That's it. I'm mad.

I'm picking a new housewife to stalk....

*takes ball and stomps all the way home*


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

That SUCKS!! All that and she wasn't there...do you think she read your blog and got scared??

Amber said...

sad. :( I wanted to see pics of her! I'd def choose a new housewife!

carissajaded said...

Awww.. I'm sorry you didn't get to meet Eva, though I'm kind of happy you're gonna pick a different housewife to stalk. Your boys are adorable and I'm glad they had fun at the Spurs game!!! Thanks for stopping by! I'm following now!!

Steven Anthony said...

I was all ready for Eva, and then nuttin.....arggggggg sorry for that, what a let down for you

I like Nicholet myself(but they killed her off, right?)

Kmama said...

You boys are so adorable!! I think that's the first picture I've seen of them.

I loved the "it fits in my medium sized purse". LOL

Sorry you didn't get to meet Eva. I can't believe she was a no-show!!

Evonne said...

All that and she's a no-show! I'd be mad, too. She definitely lost her housewife to stalk title!

Cute pics, even if they weren't taken with a cool camera not allowed by a dumb security nazi.

Mommy is in the Bathroom said...

Man are you the teaser of all teases... i thought u were gonna say she took ur boa or something.

guess ur just gonna have to get your bil to send ya there again huh?

Heather @ Two Little Monkeys said...

Ahhh that sucks!!! I was hoping to read how you met her and how super wonderful she is.

Jenn said...

Hiya! JennFabulous here...at "work", but not "working"...

I would have gone to the car, shoved the camera and it's detachable lens down my pants and marched (albeit uncomforably) back up there and walked right in. When the punk security dude would have questioned me, I would have been all "search me...I DARE you...If you touch my penis, don't start crying, mmmkay"...

Meeko Fabulous said...

But she's the hottest house wife! LoL! I've only ever met Danny Davito in real life. He's SO short! LoL!

JennyMac said...

I really think she is the best of that bunch..you should stick with her. LOL.

Sabrina said...

She's got some NERVE! I know what happened though, she heard you were going to be there and she didn't NOT want you to steal her limelight! She has an image to protect :)

Shell said...

I would have been super pissed about the camera. Probably would have attempted to shove it down Hubs' pants or something like that.

And she was a no show? That totally sucks!

The kids are still adorable- even with the cell phone pic!

Anonymous said...

Dear Princess Of Sarcasm

I sat on the other side , in glasses and disguise because I heard of your entry into the arena. A housewife must protect herself right? No telling if you'd shove me, into your medium size purse.


kys said...

That sucks! You had fun thinking about it though.

kys said...

That sucks! You had fun thinking about it though.