Monday, February 8, 2010

The Mean Green Machine

My first car...

"She was a fast machine. She kept her motor clean. She was the best d*mn car that I ever seen."

Nope. Not talking about MY car. THAT car belonged to my friend, T. She had a Fiero and a 5.0 Mustang in high school. She also had a mullet in junior high, but managed to still look really cool. I loved it when she drove us around. I think I remember her riding on the floorboard when I drove.

Here is MY first car. 

But it was in the following color.

I know, hideous sexy, right?

But even though it was no where near my dream car, I LOVED it.....because I was 16 and it was ALL MINE! (Probably cuz no one else wanted it.) 

Yes, it was puke green and the carpet had been dyed black to hide the murder evidence stains from normal wear and tear. And sure, it had a am/fm radio thumpin' stereo system. And OF COURSE I rode around with my windows down and the radio blasting Hall and Oates Beastie Boys. Not to mention the handy little hatch back feature for easy access so I could put my saxophone gym bag in the back. 

The best feature? I could fill the tank with $10 worth of gas and drive straight home from school after making a loop through the local college campus for two weeks before I would have to fill up again.

As much as I dissed my own car, I secretly loved how it drove. It was a stick shift and I prided myself on how I handled the transition of the clutch and the gears. My driving was smooth as buttah after many scary moments at red lights and on hills with stop signs that first month

I would drive that little green bean down Sheep Farm Road (yes, I grew up in a podunk town where one of the most heavily traveled roads was named after a sheep farm) and recklessly hug that windy stretch like I was riding a mountain road in a Porsche. 

Oh, how I miss that old stick shift. I'm glad I learned how to drive stick. I didn't own an automatic car until after I got married. But I am proud to say that if I were to ever go on The Amazing Race, I would fail at everything else, I would show up all those young whipper snappers who had no clue how to drive anything other than an automatic. 

Do they even make stick shifts anymore? Yes? No? I have no clue. But I know they don't make them like my old car anymore. (Thank goodness.)

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Anonymous said...

My first car was a white used VW bug. Maybe a '67 or '68. I bought it in '73 my junior year of college. I had to hold it in first or it would pop out. The heater worked great, in the summer. Fortunately, the windshield was close enough to hand wipe/scrape off.
The windows steamed up real quick when MB was in the car with me. I wonder where she is now?
MB not the car. You silly...

Kmama said...

I drove a stick shift too!! It wasn't my first car, but my second. I so hear you on those scary hills and stop signs!! Shortly after getting my car, a friend of mine was behind me and when a bus stopped up ahead, it was right on a hill. My friend, knowing I had a new car and was still learning to drive the stick, pulled up right on my arse. Seriously, he almost touched my car. I was panicking. I finally pulled the emergency break just a little so that it wouldn't roll back and I could go forward. So scary...but so many good memories of that car!

The Manic Mommy said...

That is one sexy ride there girl! Show this to your kids when they turn 16 - let them know that if they mess up they will be driving a car JUST like this one! lol. I had a few diff cars when I was younger - props of having a dad who owned a car dealership - but your's it hot. I would TOTALLY drive down broadway in that thing! :)

Shell said...

I didn't get my first car until I was 21. I would have taken ANY car at 16!

Jenn said...

We should go on Amazing Race together. I have a pretty good internal compass, so I would be the perfect passenger seat driver. Also, I would allow you to blame me for anything that you screwed up, but I would take an extra cut of the winnings for my "mental suffering".

Thanks for joining in!

Tina said...

My first car was a '67 Mustang Fastback...what I would give to have that car now.

Anonymous said...

My first car was a little Chevy something or other. It was a stick also, my Dad insisted I learn on a stick, his motto "If you can drive a stick you can drive anything" I loved that car!

Anonymous said...

I never learned how to drive a stick shift. My first car was a Pontiac 6000.

Cassie said...

Hmph. At least you had a car in high school. I was one of the losers on the bus. I bought my first car about three years ago.

Lisa said...

I got married so young my first car was his car and it was 70 ft long and a ugly brown. I still love Monte Carlos though.

Ed Adams said...

I would of rather had that then my black Ford EXP. It spent more time in the shop than on the road.

Anonymous said...

I would drive a stick today...if minivans came with them... <:0

Margaret said...

I don't remember my first car to be honest with you. Right now I am on my third car and it is by far my favorite one!

Ameena said...

I love your first car! I remember my cousin had that exact car in the green color and I loved driving around in the back seat. Good times!!

carissajaded said...

My first car was an 89 Cutless Supreme Oldsmobile. Not a stick, but it definitely was "classy." I like the green color of yours!! ahhh memories!

SupahMommy said...

dId jennfab just invite YOU on amazing race with her??


and ur car was
u g l y
u aint got no alibi .. u ugly yah yah .. u ugly

mine was too though.


Sabrina said...

You poor thing! My first car was an '83 Honda Prelude (which I stole/borrowed/purchased -depends on who you ask!- from my Daddy in 1985! It was a 5 speed, it was low to the ground, it was FAST! I loved it more than life itself...except that it rarely remembered the directions to my college classes :(

Anyway, I once took that baby airborne when I came flying over the bump at the end of a rickety old was AWESOME!!!

Sniff, sniff...I STILL miss that car!

Working Mommy said...

It IS sexay!! Matter of fact - it would be the perfect match for my first car...a blue chevrolet S-10 truck...the fabric roof was so old that is flapped in the wind when I put my windows I would have to use thumb tacks to keep it up!! Oh yeah, baby!!