Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Skew - The One Where My Prince is My Hero

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This week I will be wearing head gear (but not the kind from the orthodonist) so that I will be protected from FLYING OBJECTS! Thanks to Amber for the industrial strength bubble wrap. *smooches™

The prince has made many romantic gestures over the years. 

He wasn't exactly Mr. Romance in college. At. all.


The prince romances me everyday (unless he's out of town) when he gets up in the morning and gets the boys ready for school. He lets me sleep until it's time to douse the rooster tails with water and make porcupine tines with gel brush their hair.

He romances me  if  when I cook dinner by helping me clean up...even if I try to get him to go sit down for a bit.

He romances me by quarterbacking the neighborhood football game in our backyard in his khaki's and dress shirt.

He romanced me by holding me while I cried and vowing to take me to the best specialists anywhere in the country and stand by my side no matter what happened to my body when I had a false health scare thanks to a moron neurologist a couple of years ago. (That's a story for another day.) He also romanced me by being so fiercely protective of me to the point that when said idiot neurologist had to give me a spinal tap, he would not do so without the prince stepping outside the room. (Dr. Idiot was scurred!!!)

He romanced me by NEVER complaining about changing dirty diapers.

He romances me by never needing a list or instructions on how to care for the boys if I'm gone. He also NEVER calls it babysitting. He wasn't one of those dad's who expected me to have them bathed and ready for bed before I left. Instead, he would pack a diaper bag and sippy cups and take them to do something fun. When I went to NYC on a girl's trip, everyone was talking about the extensive child care manuals lists they left for their husbands. I simply hugged and kissed everyone goodbye and headed for the airport.

He also romanced me by flying home from his month long assignment in Baltimore immediately upon learning my father was admitted for a heart catheterization and was home before we even knew he was going to have to have open heart surgery. He took over my duties with very limited contact from me during the week long process of surgery and subsequent hospital stay so that I could be with my mom and dad. When I came home on laundry day Thursday dreading what lie before me, I opened the closet door and discovered empty laundry baskets. I cried. Sobbing tears of exhaustion and gratitude.

He romances me by going to work everyday and providing for our family.

He romances me for standing up for what is right, even if it puts a target on his back.

He romances me by coaching for our local youth association.

He romances me by telling me I am beautiful even when I feel like a troll.

He romances me by respecting me. He has never ONCE called me a name. Ever.

He romances me by watching movies and trying his hardest though sometimes unsuccessfully to stay awake.

He romances me by making me laugh so hard I get rock hard abs my belly aches.

Sure, sometimes the prince romances me by making grand gestures like planning surprise parties, whisking me away on weekend getaways, giving me diamonds, telling me he was going to buy a geezer float pontoon boat but actually surprised me with a deck boat (that is actually an excellent surprise story....with elaborate planning...I'll put it on my "to blog" list.) But it is truly the everyday romancing that means the most to me.

The prince is my soulmate. No doubt. I adore him with all my being. I am so lucky to get to grow old with him.

He is my McPrince.

(Thanks for the photoshopping skillz Supah!!)


Shell said...

No wonder you call him a prince! Wow. THAT is romance.

Melissa said...

And he's lucky he has such an appreciative wife who acknowledges how special and wonderful he is <--- and that's the last time I will EVER get sappy for you.


just so you know it's really me.. and in case mama cess is reading.

SupahMommy said...

one mighty big ...

crown he has. :)

what a devastating nightmare that must've been- i wanted to cry for you ...

he's a keepah.


The Manic Mommy said...

Does he have a brother...cousin...maybe even a neighbor that would like a nice young, hot chick? Haha just kidding - he's definitly a keeper! He sounds like such a great guy - you are very lucky!!


Cara Mamma said...

Maybe he could come tutor my Rocket? sounds like a definite prince....and you are right, romance is mostly in the little things.

Evonne said...

You are lucky to have such a romantic prince. And he's lucky to have someone who appreciates it all!

Ed Adams said...

I hope your husband doesn't find out about him.

Shana said...

You got me sentimental in this post. you are a lucky gal.

Miss. Candy said...

What a great post and full of so many great things!!! I am glad your medical scare turned out to be just a scare!

VandyJ said...

Those princes are hard to find. Glad you snapped your's up. I also found my prince. (Kissing those frogs was tough).

Meeko Fabulous said...

Yes, but this is barely your first year of marriage . . . Give it a few . . . ;) J/K! :)

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

And he has an awesome wife. What a sweet post. Now I have to rethink what I was going to write.

Margaret said...

I need to find a man like that!

CountessLaurie said...

He's a keeper! It's so nice to hear happy things about someone's spouse instead of the typical complaining.

Adoption of Jane said...

Love the pic!!!

carissajaded said...

Ahh your prince sounds wonderful!!! I love this post. But it makes me a tad bit jealous, in a good way!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Can I just say you are a lucky lucky lucky gal!!

My booty pic is up for you! LOL

Kmama said...

You are one lucky princess...of course, I'm sure the prince is one lucky prince as well. ;-)

Lisa said...

Awww he really is a prince!
I can't stand dads who "babysit" their own kids! Grrrr!!!

Sabrina said...

I have never been more envious of anyone. EVER. I may have to abandon your blog in order to save my marriage. HotVan is cute, but he's not that kinda' prince! Girl. I. Am. Jealous. :)

Melanie said...

SO sweet! You guys are like the perfect couple!

Poolside with the Girls said...

I so happy that your prince REALLY is a prince....(I teared up reading your list!!!!)

Good catch princess!!!

Poolside with the Girls said...

I so happy that your prince REALLY is a prince....(I teared up reading your list!!!!)

Good catch princess!!!

Poolside with the Girls said...

he's so nice I had to say it twice!