Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Skew - The Olympics Shlympics

My eye is better. Thanks for asking. I may need you all to be a witness in my pending lawsuit against Supah who tried to maim me for life a couple of weeks ago. If you missed the whole horrible here.

Ruthless isn't she?!

But I'm a fighter. <-------total lie

So I'm still here....pushing my skew no matter what the consequences or flying objects. 

I'm sure the other ladies on the panel have written some great intro on their blogs. 

*sighs as she presses back of hand to forehead dramatically*

But I'm exhausted after our royal Olympic events at our castle this evening. 

I took one gold medal in Uno. 

The youngest prince took Gold in our dance off by doing "The Running Man." 

Big Poppa Prince was disappointed he had to settle for the silver and I'm sure Supah will be mad she didn't qualify for the finals. But she was disqualified by the Russian judge, Katarina aka Karma.

My other little princelet got his gold for eating left over mystery food (I wouldn't tell him what it was) from PF Changs. 

These medals lead me to this week's topic...

The Olympics
Do you like the Olympics? 
Do you watch? Do you even care? 
I bet when you were younger you went to Olympic parties and played drinking games leading up to the different events.
NOt me.
I was a good girl. 
I mean I AM a good girl!! Shut up.
I’m not really one to get too excited when the Olympics come around. Summer or Winter. Though if I were forced by gun point the prince to watch one or the other, I would probably pick summer. Most likely because it would mean it was summertime instead of wintertime...which would make me very happy. 
It might surprise you to know that I am not a big Olympics fan even though a nurse ASKED ME IF I WAS AN ATHLETE this week. Yes I’m still bragging about that.
I mean, I enjoy college football...any sport my boys play...and anything I get to watch in person. 

I’m even including golf in that mix since I got to go to the Masters one time andTiger Woods looked at me and smiled for a brief second, but I’m no longer excited about that since he was probably just looking at a hooker behind me. I also watched Kevin Costner and Jack Wagner play in a charity tournament once. (Something tells me MIITB will have to wiki Jack Wagner.)
I will admit that I quite enjoyed watching Michael Phelps win the gold by a fraction of a millisecond. I was accidentally watching that event, but was glad I did. 
It was kind of like the time we accidentally watched the women’s team win the World Cup in soccer that year with Mia Hamm and company or the day I happened to be in front to the TV when Dale Sr. went head first into the wall. It’s not like we ever normally watch soccer. (Unless my son is playing against my wishes.) And I certainly DO NOT ever normally watch Nascar! I would rather pluck my eyelashes off one by one...which I’m sure I would immediately regret, but still.....
So basically, the only value I see in the winter Olympics is that I have another picture to put on my fridge to keep me from eating ice cream. 

My "Motivational Posters"

Photo: Robyn Beck, AFP/Getty Images

Photo courtesy of my friend at Life in a Blue Zoo 
taken by her equally gorgeous sister at my request
If you want to see more of her, click her hiney. 
No really, go ahead and click. She won't mind. 
Tell her Princess sent you. :)

How do you feel about the Olympics? Do you watch?

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Shell said...

I don't watch the Olympics. I have my regular shows that I can't miss.

It totally cracks me up that you posted a pic of Stephanies' butt.

Lisa said...



I don't watch the olympics. I'm all about hearing we won but not into sports unless its the Razorbacks.
....Or some cutie patooties singing the National anthem.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I am wandering around the blogosphere tonight and came here from Tickled Pink Twice. This post cracked me up!

carissajaded said...

I tried to watch the olympics. That's a lie. I watched all of the men's figure skating and I was totally enthrawled, but not really in a good way. I prefer the summer sports. And by sports, I mean gymnastics and men without shirts on...

Ed Adams said...

Theme copycat.

Adoption of Jane said...

You've got a blog award on my post today :)

blueviolet said...

I feel guilty actually about the Olympics. I haven't watched even one second of them. I'm such a reality tv junkie that I won't give it up.

Kmama said...

I only watch a bit. I like to watch the snowboarding and well, yup that's pretty much it. LOL No, I will watch skiing too. Summer Olympics is more entertaining to me. And I have good memories of the Summer Olympics...I was induced with Buddy on the day of opening ceremonies, 2004!

Crystal said...

First of all, was that performance from Pink a few weeks ago not just the most amazing thing you have ever watch! Love her! Envy her!

Second. You are hillarious! Sarcasm is my best friend. Not everyone appreciates sarcasm. Esp my husband. I am like hello! You met me this way! Seriously.

He perfers to call me a smart a$$.


Totally going to follow you!

Margaret said...

I will sometimes watch the summer games but other than that no I don't watch either. They are boring and I don't really care because I don't really like any sports but football.

The Blue Zoo said...

Whooo hoo! I can't believe my butt is up there with Pink and America's Best Woman Skier Ever!

Maybe I can become a butt model? LOL

Thanks for the booty shout out!

Meeko Fabulous said...

The only sports I watch are basketball and hockey. Wipe that look off your face. I know . . . Confusing, right??? LoL! ;)

Poolside with the Girls said...

I watch them. Not religiously or anything but if you missed "McTwister" last night then you missed a good one. That boy can fly and if you don't know what I'm talking about go find out! Gold medal!!! Yay!

Also, I'm in love with Apollo Ohno and I'm watching him like a hawk. I'm routing for him to win another medal this weekend.

One other point of interest (to me) I caught a few episodes of this last season of Dancing with the Stars and Louie Vito was a contestant. I often wondered just who is Louie Vito and what is he famous for??? I never mustered up enough energey or interest to google him. Thanks to the Olympics, I found out that he's a snowboarder. Sooo mystery solved and I might even find him slighly less irritating now.

Growing up we had a summer home near Lake Placid and when the Olympics were there it was so close to us that we got sucked in. The winter Olympics are big around these parts so...I'm a fan.

Reporting to you live from my couch, this is my Olympic wrap up. I am not a super fan, but I do watch.

Just Another Momma said...

I have not had time to watch them, I know, I'm such a loser . . but it will be ok . . I think

Michelle Pixie said...

We like to watch the Olympics around here and we kinda get excited to see crashes and falls {I know it's awful but that's how we are!}, although I feel bad if anyone gets seriously hurt.

Tina said...

Nice A Blue Zoo! Need your diet and toning tips....asap.

LMJ said...

i love the olympics..the opening and cosing ceremonies. i watch a few sports. the whole medal ceremony emotional moments love it:=; i love the falls, the mistakes, the accidents... tv is full of reality crap, i can't stand. :)