Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Skew - What was the question again?

This week's Episode of the SKEW!  With the Wolf Pack  Supahmommy, Chief, Princess of Sarcasm, JennFab and Mommy is in the Bathroom (who is AWOL this week due to moving and other lame excuses.)

Where we take email exchanges between the "Pack" and share them with the blogosphere!

Netiquette!  (It's not a hairspray!)

Chief @ Hiding from the Kids

Listen up wolfies:  freaking people are not following rules around here. But wait. am I the only one that thinks there are actually rules round this blog hoes phere?

Are there rules to follow in the blog world?

Supahmommy wrote:

Rules rules rules. 

I like to make them.. but I indeed break them. 

I say screw you ALL!  I'll do what I want when I want! 
* but dont' you all be going backdooring my meme's and using me like a 2 dollar whore to advertise something of your own: without playing my games. 

*  dont' dis my blog when it gets a facelift-  if you get a perm.. adn it looks like an afro on speed.. im goinna tell you it looks Annie Licious.. don't tell me you  hate it.  I'll hate you. 

*  Be supportive.  I try to support peoples idea by giving them a plug.  I can't play all the games on teh web.. but I try to support them. 

* don't get  all  " pissy petunia" if someone doens't get over to visit your blog -  

What else?  
I like rules.  It's fun.  ALL HAIL RULES !

OH SH*T!  I gotta 911 emergency here!  you are never going to believe this!
It's 1:00 pm... been at work for almost 6 hours... just went pee and when I looked down while sitting on the pot... I saw that I had one blue shoe (suede) and one patent leather shiny black shoe on!  WT HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?

Officially just pissed myself!  LMAO!

They are different heights as well.. didn't notice I was walking sideways
for 6 friggin' hours!

Princess of Sarcasm:

NOW who's the dumbass! LMAO


Y’all should be feeling sorry for me

I get dressed in the dark!  So I don’t wake up Duke

There are days I come with shirts on backwards/ inside out

One day I came to work with my slacks on backwards… the slanted pockets were on my ass


the first time i ran into a former play group of moms that i was uber involved in from there forward

i had my cardigan on inside farking out.  

the whole time.

dbd told me AS WE WERE LEAVING

first impressions;)

Jenn @ She Says

My dog is STILL LICKING THE RUG.  OMG.  What, almost a week later?  He just licks it and licks it...I have cleaned and lifted and adjusted that damn rug a gazillion times.  I don't get it.

My dog is wearing me out...


What is the Skew topic again?

So whats your take on Netiquette?

Or Wardrobe Malfunctions?


Frugal Vicki said...

HA! I walked around my mom's house for a few hours with my boob hanging out of my nursing bra/top of shirt. Sister didn't say anything, thought it was hilarious. wench

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

My husband went to work with his sweater on backwards. None of his employees noticed. Sweet!! Oh, and I get you on the following thing- I just realized I was not following a friend who I had been reading for a YEAR!!

Michelle Pixie said...

I thought it was bad that I had my underwear on inside out all day yesterday {even though I did put them on in the daylight!} at least no one saw them. ;) Hehehehe