Monday, September 21, 2009

All Hail the Prince

Sunday was the Prince’s birthday. In his honor, I will blog about his awesomeness... 

So on Monday, the Prince decides to go eat lunch with our little Princelets. (Is that even a word...or title? HaHa! Doesn’t blog, not yours. And we’ve already determined that Mrs. Land’s English rules don’t apply here.) *sticks tongue out* 

Back to the Prince.....who says, “What time is #2 Princelet’s lunch?”

Princess: "Around 10:30." (I KNOW!! Early, right?! I mean....he just ate his chocolate fudge poptart super nutritional breakfast at home.) "Why?"

Prince: “I think I’m going to go eat lunch with the boys.”

Princess: “Oh, well if you’re going to go the school, you HAVE to take your yo-yo!” 

Prince: “Huh? Why?”

Princess: “Cuz when I was hovering helping in his class last week they were learning the letter ‘Y.’ Mrs. Fireball (most awesome kindergarten teacher ever) asked if anyone could yo-yo. P2 gave you up and so now Mrs. Fireball wants you to come show the class.”

Prince: “I don’t have a yo-yo.”

Princess: “Wait right here.” 

Goes to closet and pulls out box of crap she’s been saving but really ought to throw away recycle by giving to Mrs. Fireball for the treat box. 

Let's see here...pens that light up, flashlights that don’t need batteries because they have little wind up thingies, bouncy balls that make all kinds of crazy sounds, super duper paper clips that are way too large to actually be useful, more pens that light up....all emblazoned with business logos....from the box full of leftover trade show giveaways from when my husband went to Orlando and got to meet JoEy FaToNe. *big sigh* 

But I’ll save that story for another day....still not happy about it.

Looking...looking....still looking.....(come rescue me if you stop hearing rummaging noises)....ahhhhhh!  Bingo! Here it is! The yo-yo that lights up! *holds up shiny yo-yo triumphantly in the air*

Prince: “Crap.” 

Takes trusty yo-yo and slips gianormous finger through the tiny string hole. Gives it a whirl. Thud. Ooooops....a bit rusty. 

Princess: “’re not that good anymore.”

Gives it a few more whirls. better.....ZING!

Prince: “Oh yeah, baby....just like riding a bike.” *head swells* 

(Actually, it’s permanently swollen. He’s always had waaaay too much confidence for one person.)

Prince: “I got it goin’ on!”

Princess: *rolls eyes* (But secretly admires how talented he is at nearly EVERYTHING.”)

Prince: “Uh huh....that’s right....come to Papa.”

Princess: “How can you pick it up that quick again?”

Prince: “I’m an athlete, baby!”

This is the same thing he told me when I was pissed off amazed that he beat me in Scrabble. 

Flashback to previous conversation in marital history.....

Princess: “How did YOU beat ME in SCRABBLE for crying out loud?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!”

Prince: “I’m an athlete.”

Happy Birthday to my Prince! come it’s HIS birthday, but I feel like I’M the one who gets the gift? (It may have something to do with the little shopping spree I awarded myself with while looking for a gift for him.) *wink* *wink* 

I love you, baby...swelled up head and all! 



Shelley said...

That is sooooo funny!!! When I informed Jon that his buddy had a hidden yo-yo talent, he was quick to place a phone call and begin a conversation that went something like this...Jon-(sounding concerned and desperate) "Hey man, I've got a problem that I really need some help with" Mike-"What is it?" Jon - "Well, all Josh has asked for is to have someone come and do yo-yo tricks at his birthday party, do you know anyone?" :)

Princess of Sarcasm said...

Mike should really know better than to expect anything serious to EVER come out of Jon's mouth. Tell your hubby that he will surely make a blogisode...probably one day VERY soon. :)

Sabrina said...

I was hoping the story had a happy ending like...the magical prince bonks himself in the head with the yo-yo and the princess has to revive him with a kiss and an ice-pack, just like athletes usually need!!

On a side note: I was playing with a yo-yo once and my boyfirend's dad walked in. I said, "I'm going to be a yo-yo champion!" and he said...without skipping a beat..."well, you're halfway there."


Sabrina said...

boyfriend's ... don't attack me MWM...I was typing too fast!!

Princess of Sarcasm said...


mel said...

I'm totally picturing this in my head!!!

Princess of Sarcasm said...

This, by the way, is EXACTLY how it really happened...which is probably why you can picture it in your head so easily since you know him. :)

SupahMommy said...

totally funny-

I"m an athlete baby.

Hey.. my daughter has a bday comin up too...

yo-yo .. i mean you rent him?

and scrabble: ARE YOU TALKIN board game or facebook junk?

cause there's nothing like moving your tiles around ..


susancy said...

Princelings. ;)

Princess of Sarcasm said...

Haha, Supah...and yes. He's performing during the 7th inning break Friday night at the baseball field, but after that he's available. I will be happy to pimp him out....and count it as blog income.

Oh, and I'm totally talking about facebook scrabble. I don't do math. But facebook does.

Susan....the Prince said I should have called them "Heirs to the Throne." ;)

MisWesaMoves said...

Does YOUR PRINCE have an older, attractive, hard working, woman loving, SINGLE brother???