Saturday, September 19, 2009

Open Letter to Boston College

 An open letter to Boston College 

Dear Fashion Director for Boston College,

I am curious. Who on earth approved the design for your horribly plain football helmets?

Sir....(assuming you’re a guy....and obviously not a gay one either.....otherwise we would not even be HAVING this discussion), did you  formerly serve as a design intern with the Penn State Athletic Department? 

Were you the one who picked the horrible shade of yellow orange for Tennessee? 

I’m thinking you might have also had something to do with the entire mismanagement of Oregon’s public image....from their hideous uniforms to their stupid mascot name. (For my non football blog friends...they are the Ducks. Yes, you heard right.....DUCKS!  Ooooooh, I fear the ducks. They are soooo scary!)

I have no problem with the rest of Boston College’s look....but why, dear Lord, would you ruin it with helmets the color of baby poop? Just sayin'..........


The Princess (who is currently not being sarcastic....she really wants to know!)


Sabrina said...

Girl, don't mess with the Ducks...we LOVE them on this side of the country!!! Other than that, Amen to all your 'wardrobe issues'!!

lindsey said...

Kim, I love you. Even though I absoultely can't stand football, unless I'm playing it in the front yard with a bunch of really hot sweaty guys not wearing much.. but just for moment, just a tiny moment, you made it worth while.. I think.

Princess of Sarcasm said...

Bree....your love of Oregon explains a lot about you....not sure that's a good thing. Well, actually....I'm sure that's a BAD thing.

Gahhh, LindsEy....'bout time!

Sabrina said...

I may have mislead you...I don't personally care for the Ducks that much, they are just much loved by a LOT of people over here.

I am totally a Ohio State/Rutgers/Colorado girl!!

And I certainly DO NOT understand how Lindsey can be so sadly lacking in the LOVE of the pigskin!!!

amybagwell said...

Still waiting!!! BTW I am loving your hair in the pic with David on this post!!

WundaWoman said...

I'm totally with all your football fashion concerns! My question for BC...why did you think your jersey numbers have to be italized??? Makes me want to turn my head slightly to the weeyad. I do get some entertainment from "seeing what the ducks are wearing" on Saturdays.