Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reality Junkie

OK.....I admit it. I am a reality TV junkie. I will go ahead and apologize to the Hollywood actors who are out of jobs because of real people on TV.

No...wait...I take that apology back.

Up your game Hollywood! If you want us to watch shows with real actors, give us something good to watch. If your shows are not fresh and innovative, we. are. not. going. to. watch.

I started watching reality with the very first Real World. I was hooked. And now, a gazillion years later, I still watch them...even though most of them are stupid. (What I REALLY like are the Real World challenges! New one starts soon. *gets popcorn*)

But anyway, what I'd really like to talk about today is 


I am captivated by the costumes. Did you see Karina's?!? 


If I tried to wear that, I would look like Snuffaluffagus. (Who, by the way, is my very favorite Sesame Street character EVER! I love me some Snuffie.)

This year's cast of dancing stars is quite the eclectic group. I roped the Prince into watching the first episode with me (or at least a portion of it) by telling him that Chuck Liddell is dancing. (Kind of like I roped him into taking me to see Bridges of Madison County by telling him it was a Clint Eastwood movie....evil, I know.) But Chuck was I think I'll be watching it by me self from now on. *insert sad, lonely face here*

My fave on night one BY FAR was DONNY OSMOND!

I heart, heart, heart Donny Osmond.

The love affair began in the late 70's when I watched (religiously) The Donny & Marie Show.

I had such a crush on Mr. I'm a Little Bit Rock-n-Roll and his purple socks.

I even had the Donny & Marie Barbie play set with the stage. While watching DWTS, I was transformed back into that little girl with a slight overbite and rekindled my Donny Love. That Mormon can move. (Shake it Donny!)

Night two fave.....KELLY OSBOURNE!

I, of course, watched her on The Osbournes. Who couldn't fall in love with their family after that?!? I think their family is a strange kind of way.

And I've always had a soft spot for Kelly. I think the psychotherapist in me is drawn to the horribly awkward, overly angry, terribly insecure, overweight,  overexposed teenager.

I have always felt for her. But LAST NIGHT....she was transformed. She went from ugly caterpillar to beautiful butterfly! She was amazing.

Ozzy cried, Sharon cried, I cried. The Prince rolled his eyes.

So basically, DWTS is going to be an OzFest for me...minus the drugged out, long haired guy biting the heads off bats....

Anyone else have their favorites? Comments? Arguments? What did you think about Macy Gray and Tom "Delay"? (I'm so clever.) Talk to me Goose. I want to hear your take on it.


Jackie Ellison said...

i'm going to have to watch now. i love ozzy. that made me tear up, too, gosh darnit! lol

Shelley said...

I LOVED Kelly!!!! She is who I am pulling for...I recorded it because I am a DWTS junkie and record the show so that I can watch my favorite dances OVER and OVER for days after :). Her dance made me cry, her parents made me cry, her interview made me cry and when I watched it again this morning, I cried again! :) I also love Donny. I hope Macy is gone tonight...holy cow!!! Did you see the look on Tony Dovolani's face when she said what she said? I have watched his expression over and is HILARIOUS!!! Now let's talk about Derek Hough, aka man/boy who I would stalk if I wasn't married to my Prince Charming and if I was 15 years younger and if I lived in Hollywood and if I was smoking hot and if I could dance and if I could meet him and if he was interested...he would be MINE!!! I LOVE me some Derek Hough!!! His partner was good, but I didn't like her on that Superstars show...she was rude and obnoxious! And one more thing - can poor Edyta please catch a break??? Geez, she's the only pro that has been on all 9 seasons and they keep giving her guys that have 2 left feet (besides Cameron and the football guy - can't remember his name). I miss Julianne and I am glad Louis is back. There is so much more I could say, but I need to get Josh ready for school...Go Kelly and Louis!!!! :)

susancy said...

I'm a recovering reality TV junkie. I, too, watched the first Real World, and I watched it until they started building the cast specifically for fighting. Or I got too old to relate to the kids. Nah, it was the fighting. ;) Survivor was my favorite, but I stopped watching that after the season with Yau, when Dreams doublecrossed him. I was so angry that I refused to watch anymore. That show also went from a cool view on group dynamics to a "Lord of the Flies" experiment gone wrong.

Now, I get terribly nervous watching most reality TV, so I avoid most of it, with the exception of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. I may have to catch DWTS to watch Kelly. I love her and her family. They are so sweet, and she did a great job! Go Kelly!

Princess of Sarcasm said...

Gee did I KNOW that you would leave a comment (book) here? LOL

Susan...I still love Survivor. (Still crushin' on Jeff Probst) I do almost all reality with the exception of Flavor of Love, Tia Tequila and junk like that....I'm not out for the "smut only" reality.....though Real World seems to do more of that these days.