Thursday, September 24, 2009

Triple F (Funny Friends on Facebook)

"The Princess has funny friends.

They say funny stuff on Facebook.

They make me laugh.

Here is my first Triple F post. It's a recent status update from Ms. Fabulous...

Ms. Fabulous and the nominees for the most dramatic, loudest, tearful meltdowns are........ "Jaden Fabulous" for his performance when denied soda *applause* "Joseph Fabulous" for his performance walking home from school today *applause* "Ms. Fabulous" for her performance as Mommy Dearest........

Be funny on Facebook and you too can end up cut & pasted on my blog. (With names skewed to keep you from telling my victims friends they are on my blog so that they won't ask me to take them off.)"


Sabrina said...

The pressure mounts...I'm not sure I can handle it!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm safe... I'm not funny

SupahMommy said...

oh.. interesting turn of events from POF.
Must get on her page.
Must figure out way.

i enjoy facebook dialogues.

SupahMommy said...

what did i just say?
Friggin keyboard.

POS. princess of..

sorry for ruining the funny

Princess of Sarcasm said... you have two blog competitions. Start training hard.

Yeah, Supah....I was totally confused...thanks for clearing it up.

And Anonymous.....I'm totally turning off anonymous comments if
A. They're lame.
B. You don't provide a little clue for me to try to figure out who you are or at least add something so I know it's the same person when you come back.....and YOU BETTER COME BACK! *insert fragile ego*

MisWesaMoves said...

MEN PLAN, WOMEN SCHEME...GOD LAUGHS. That's all I got this mornin'!

MisWesaMoves said...

Anonymous might be the "FUNNY BOY"!?!? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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