Monday, September 28, 2009

Five Things I Could Not Live Without on a Deserted Island

1. MacBook. Cuz I'm all hip like that. Yep, you'll see me in Panera Bread with the free WiFi...eatin' my roast beef turkey sandwich *hold the mayo* with a sticky bun apple on the side...lookin' all cool with my little Mac Apple glowing for all to see. 

Obnoxious, I know, but I love my MacBook. I hope the island has electricity and a wireless router. Cuz if not, I'm going to have to add a gas generator and Alaskan pipeline to my list.

2. My super squishy pillow. I can't sleep without it. It's like an adult wubby. I cuddle and snuggle with it all night. And if the Prince tries to steal it.....
Off with his head! 

Seriously, I had to buy him one too cuz' he realized the super powers mine had and kept trying to snake it. It's so awesome, I've even seen it on TV. (Keep an eye out for it on Private Practice. They use it in their office for their patients.) Previously sold at Bed, Bath, and Beyond...but the new ones don't have the same super luxurious chenille cover. So don't think you're going to run out and get one like mine. Too late! Shoulda got one sooner. And don't try to come to my house and steal mine. We have a doberman. 

*note to self: go buy a doberman*

3. My camera. I mean, how else will I be the paparazzi to the palm trees and cool breeze? I'll be takin' lots of pics of my toes with the sunset in the background. Don't worry. I'll be sure to use my Mac to upload them to facebook and my blog so ya'll can feel like you are right there with me....except NOT. home preparing for the cold weather that is lurking around the corner! *insert evil grin*

4. The Prince and the Heirs to the Throne.  

As much as I would enjoy some solitude and time alone, I would miss them like crazy after a few weeks days. Besides, I might need something off a high shelf (yes, my island will have shelves) and the Prince is much better than a step ladder. I'm sure I will also need some hugs and kisses and snuggles and entertainment. Can you play baseball with only 3 players? (I'll be on the lounge chair watching....or takin' pictures.)

5. Jeff Probst....because I might need a babysitter from time to time. Sorry Mom....the but the Probster is bound to have some mad survival skills that may come in handy just in case this doesn't quite turn out to be the island vacation I had in mind. He seems to always have flint in his pocket, access to food, fun trips, spa treatments, helicopters, medical team, etc. I'll bet he plays baseball too. Not to mention....he's easy on the eyes. *wink wink*

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Peterson Family said...

Seems we all are sooo addicted to computers that we can't go to Paradise without one! Too funny!

Melissa said...

I just might have to come meet Mr. Probst... yummy!! :)

Chief said...

Heh...we both referred to Probst! and computers!

I totally should have done the pillow though

Lisa said...

Jeff is ease on the eye.

As for the meds the prince takes...GIRL you know it's you!


BDonov said...

Best blog in cyberspace! (Except for

Baby Sweetness said...

Saw your link from all about me - but with a name like princess of sarcasm, I might have had to come anyway!

SupahMommy said...



gas generator

loved it

your family??? wtf?
I EXPECTED more from you.
FINE.. I'LL be the only a hole who cheats on her husband in virtual MEme island.

and i thought your island was goinna look like candy land... pshhht ca.

thx for playing


Mommy Lisa said...

Okay - Probst is cute. As long as he brings the mad skills and does not open his mouth. ;)