Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This is the beginning of my baby son's first scoring drive in soccer...ever. The first season he played his team was full of his 4k buddies playing against kindergartners and a couple of first graders. They did not score a goal the entire season, but had a blast running in circles on the field. He decided to play baseball after that. But this season, he wanted to play both. So here we are....running back and forth from the soccer fields to the baseball fields. But he's having a blast. So that's all that matters. This is from his second soccer game this season. He scored the first two goals of the game. We are so proud of our little Pele....okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but we're still proud.

Hmmmm...someone's head is in my shot.

Badonkadonk in the way...

I didn't take a shot of the ball in the goal. I was too busy cheering for my baby. But I did regain my composure quick enough to catch the chest bump with one of his best buddies.

Lock your girls up....ladykillers on the loose.

The Three Stooges Musketeers Amigos.


Steven Anthony said...

The first yr my niece played, she kept not paying attention to the game, she kept twirling around the field picking

Sabrina said...

Badonkadonk is NOT strong enough! And, OMG, that chest bump is THE cutest thing EVER!!

Anonymous said...

Love this blog! Of course, I love "your little Pele"! :)

SupahMommy said...

1. i weeped a little that you caught the chest bump on camera

still weeping and misty.

2. bodonkadonk.. i never knew it was referring to THAT.

I totally was goign to use this word in a post.. and use it WAAAY WRONG.
as in...

womp chicka wow wow.

yeah.. i know.
imagine the embarassment you might have saved me with an ill placed bondonka.